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    Belly fat in women is not attractive and more importantly it is not healthy. Getting rid of women’s belly fat should be the number one priority for any woman. Do not cry tomorrow that your partner is attracted to another woman. You are the cause. Your belly fat is ugly. You are no more attractive to look out when you are naked. Not to worry, this article will enlighten you on the dangers of ugly abdominal fat in women and the need to look attractive always.

    Deciding to get rid of your belly fat can prove very beneficial. Belly fat in women is truly unhealthy and not a joking matter, therefore any woman with a body mass index of 34 or less and a fat belly is considered a health risk. Fatty tissue stored around the abdominal and stomach area of any woman, also known as visceral or intra-abdominal fat, is known to carry with it greater health risks when compared to fat carried around the thighs and buttocks (lower body fat).

    Several research findings have shown conclusively that belly fat can and does lead to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, increased blood sugar, increased cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. With this in mind, several health practitioners are of the view that fat distribution and waist circumference are more important to actual weight gauges when predicting health risks in the future.

    One of the ways to get rid of women belly fat is through the maintenance of normal weight standards for your age and body type. Matching calorie needs to calorie intake prevents weight increase, at the same time preventing excess fat developments. For those with ugly belly fat, the ideal solution is to follow through with a healthy diet focusing on weight loss, simultaneously with fitness exercises like aerobics, which burns excess calories and a toning workout focusing on the stomach area, which aids in strengthening and tightening abdominal muscles. That said, getting rid of excess belly fat will take some time, your will power and patience.

    Another approach some women take to get rid of women belly fat is taking weight loss pills. There are many varieties and brands available, for those without the time for exercise or diets.

    Yet another method of getting rid of belly fat or losing belly fat is through surgery. Medically, this solution should only apply to those over a hundred pounds overweight. There are 3 types of surgical approach to get rid of belly fat – stomach banding, where sections of the stomach are banded off turning the stomach lesser in size and therefore holding less food amounts; gastric bypass where food bypasses the stomach and ends up in the intestines and lastly, liposuction also known as body sculpting because it is a cosmetic operation. Fat is sucked out of a woman’s body. It does not exceed ten pounds.

    The choice depends on which method you want to use to get rid of your ugly belly fat. Pills and surgery may be good to some people who want to get rid of their women belly fat, but they both carry some adverse side effects. Belly fat in women can be reduced by taking to natural methods like eating healthy food and exercising properly. The natural and healthy approach remains the ideal methods for a woman to lose belly fat and live long enough to enjoy your grandchildren.

    -By: Flaviu Serban

    According to the latest study that looked at the relationship between women belly fat and death, the findings concluded that women who have excess weight around their waists instead of on their buttocks and thighs have an increased risk of dying prematurely. Need I say more! Long duration exercises do not work to get rid of women belly fat. Click here to learn how to lose belly fat fast and naturally without any side effects. Act now! Be healthy and more attractive to your partner and colleagues. Surprise everyone with your sexy and beautiful shape.

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