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    Obesity is a disease. If you are overweight and over 40, you should be careful because belly fat is one of the major contributing factors for diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems.

    Most alarming factor is obesity within children is also increasing at a very high rate.

    What are the main reasons behind obesity?

    a. Children can gain weight due to underlying medical problems

    b. Research indicates that the children are most likely to be fat if their parents are fat.

    c. Unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet

    All overweight people has potbelly. It’s very difficult to lose belly fat because this fat is deposited around the abdominal organs not just under the skin.

    To lose stomach fat, you need to plan overall body fat. Simple theory is you need to create calorie deficiency within your body by doing exercise and boost your metabolism by calorie shifting method.

    Here are 6 tips, which you should know before you take any action to lose belly fat

    6. Lose belly fat by eating 5-6 times in a day.

    Starvation is not the way for weight loss. You should take enough foods within a gap of around 3 hours. This will improve your metabolism and body will convert food to energy directly instead of depositing them as belly fat in abdomen area. You should never overeat and never take heavy meal at your dinner.

    5. Lose belly fat by eating foods that burn fat.

    There is a common saying that flat stomach is created in kitchen not in gym. Foods with high protein and low carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fats are the best for belly fat reduction. Eggs, fish, lean meats, complex carbohydrates like vegetables, whole grains, and a variety of natural fruits, which are not sweetened or canned, should be part of your regular diet. Essential fatty acids are necessary for process of burning body fat, especially belly fat.

    4. Lose belly fat by drinking sufficient water.

    Drinking of sufficient water is extremely important for fast fat loss. Your body needs water in order to function at its optimum best. If you are dehydrated, liver functions hampers and as a result, your conversion of fat to energy suffers. In order to lose belly fat, you need to drink plenty of water, throughout the day. However, do not drink water with meal and avoid all canned fruit juices, chocolate drinks, and soft drinks,

    3. Lose belly fat by weight training

    Weight training with moderate weight helps quick fat loss because it demands more energy. Exercises like chest presses, lat pull downs, dumbbell rows, free weight squats force abdominal muscles to work. It’s a good strategy to lose belly fat quickly and overall weight loss.

    2. Lose belly fat by getting a cardio workout.

    Bear in mind that in order to lose belly fat, calories need to be burnt. Running, jogging, brisk walking, rope jumping, swimming, tennis, dancing, and cycling are great exercises for burning fat. These high intensity aerobic exercises require energy and liver converts fat to energy. At the minimum, you should do 30 minutes brisk walking a day.

    1. Lose belly fat by crunches and other abs exercises

    If 6 pack abs is your dream, you can heavily concentrate on abdominal exercises like crunches etc. However, you should know spot reduction of belly fat is not possible. The only way to reduce overall body fat is healthy eating habits, and stimulating the metabolism by weight training and cardiovascular exercises. You should do around 20- 30 repetitions of sit-ups everyday, which are good for your abdominal muscles.

    -By: Arindam Chattopadhyaya

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