• Weight Loss 24.10.2012

    Everyone in this world would prefer to have a healthy life as the proverb says “Health is Wealth”. To keep your body in top condition you should exercise daily, this helps to maintain a healthy life. Belly fat is considered a highly problematic issue of this century. Many people suffer from belly fat which prohibits them from doing their normal activities. Waistline indicators are used to measure the size of a person’s waist so that they can reduce their belly if it is more than 40 inches.

    Men should have less than 40 inches and women should have less than 35 inches around their waist. If a person has a higher number they are putting themselves into various health risks such as; heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, blood pressure etc. There are many methods available for reducing belly fat. Liposuction is one of the cosmetic surgery treatments that involve suction of unwanted fats from the belly. If you want to keep away from these extreme surgeries, the best way would simply be to do your daily exercise.

    Belly fat is, on the most part, a health risk associated with middle aged people. There needs to be a higher level of awareness about the problems belly fat can cause. BMI is calculated for predicting the potential risk factor for belly fat and if people have a BMI of 34 or lower than 34 then they are pushed into dangerous territory. Fat tissues stored in lower body around the butt and thighs have a low risk factor, whereas, fat tissue stored around the stomach and abdomen is seen as a high health risk factor. Research studies predicts that fat tissue stored around stomach and abdomen leads to various disorders such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar level and a high cholesterol level. As a result of this research experts believe that fat stored in waist circumference and stomach are the most important areas when calculating future risk you’re your actual weight.

    Research has found that people who are put into continuous stress develop abdominal fat. When a person is stressed the hormone cortisol is released and high levels of cortisol stimulate the abdominal fat which leads to belly fat. Belly fat occurs to stressed men and women of any age. Fat belly can be reduced by matching the consumption of calories with the needs of the body which simultaneously prevents belly fat. Fat belly can be reduced by continuous exercises such as aerobics and healthy weight loss diet. Aerobic exercises burn out calories from the body which greatly reduces fat belly. It takes time to burn out all the fat that gets deposited in the belly. You need to be patient while taking the necessary steps to reduce a fat belly as it can take a long time, depending on the size of the belly.

    -By: Balajiee Sampath

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