• Weight Loss 25.10.2010

    Even if there is a fast and easy way to lose belly fat, you will never know until you check it out for yourself. But since no one seems to want to listen about how to burn belly fat using a simple diet system, we will just go over the top five ways NOT to lose belly fat.

    1. Eat less

    Never mind that losing belly fat is dependent on what you eat and that eating more will actually help you lose belly fat; this is a top ten list on how NOT to lose it! So stop eating all those fat fighting foods and force your system to store up for the winter; after all, if you are eating less, your system will be looking for more ways to assure they get the nutrients they need. If that means storing the extra calories, so be it.

    2. Focus on doing more situps

    If you do not want to get rid of the fat around your belly but rather focus on gaining muscles that you will never get to show off because of the fat in your belly, do more situps. They are scientifically proven to build up your abdominal muscles but have no effect on fat burn. It is a great way NOT to lose fat because it does not even target belly fat!

    3. Avoid Green Tea

    Avoid it like the plague. Green tea has always been associated with speeding up one’s metabolism so we can’t have any of that in our system if we are trying not to lose that fat on your belly. Stick to the sodas that are high in sugar, and throw in some chocolate milkshakes for good measure.

    4. Forget Weight Training

    As already discussed, the cardio workouts such as situps are what we want to focus on in order to NOT lose belly fat so there simply cannot be enough room in our routine for weight training. Never mind that weight training is actually what burns the most fat; that would be counterproductive to our goal here! And we certainly cannot combine it with our cardio workout for optimal effect because we are not looking for optimal effects!

    And the most important and effective way to NOT lose belly fat is (drumroll please):

    5. Keep doing the same thing you are doing

    It has been effective thus far, right? So stick with your routine and you will be guaranteed NOT to burn the fat on your belly. Do not try anything new. Do not attempt to find a better diet. Whatever you do, do not take the initiative to lose that belly fat; your friends and family will thank you later.

    Why would anyone want to lose belly fat anyhow? It would only make them more attractive, more confident, and more healthy. I think we could live with that…or die early with that rather.

    -By: Michael P Lee

    Michael Lee is the founder of http://www.lose40lbsin60days.com Discover how you can finally burn your belly fat, and lose 40 lbs of fat in only 60 days.

    Being overweight all of his life, he finally discovered how to get rid of the stubborn fat and keep it off for good.

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