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    How do you lose belly fat quickly? This is a question that most of us in today’s society want to know. People say diet alone can help you while others will tell you that supplements are the answer. The fact is that along with any healthy weight loss program, you must exercise to reduce belly fat. I will share with you 4 easy exercises to get rid of belly fat that are easy to learn and that you can use in conjunction with your healthy weight loss program. Always remember to consult your physician before starting any exercise program and to stretch your muscles and warm up properly before any exercise in order to keep from getting strains and sprains and pulled muscles.

    The First exercise is excellent for reducing belly fat and is called the Windmill. This is a popular football player exercise. In order to do this exercise, a person stands with feet shoulder-width apart and hands stretched out to the side. That person then proceeds to bend and rotate their right hand down to touch their left great toe, stand back up and then change to their left hand and bending, touch their right great toe. Do this for ten times in 3 different sets for a total of 30 times. This exercise along with a healthy weight loss program helps a person to lose stubborn belly fat by concentrating on the love handle areas and the lower abdominal area by stretching and re-shaping sagging outer abdominals or oblique abdominals and helping to shape up the core and upper back muscles, legs and thighs. A very good stretching exercise and cardio exercise as well.

    The Second exercise for reducing belly fat is called the Flutter Kick. This exercise is performed while lying face down on a mat. The person then extends their arms out in front of them stretching them as far as they can while keeping them up off of the ground, while at the same time fully extending their legs behind them as far as they can holding them up off of the ground. They then hold this position for 30-60 seconds at a time, 10 times for three sets for a total of 30 Flutter Kicks. Flutter kicks were popularized in U.S. Navy and Marine Corps boot camps and aid in belly fat reduction by elongating the abdominal muscles and toning them while at the same time helping to strengthen the core and lower back muscles. This in turn gives one a much leaner appearance over time.

    The Third exercise for reducing belly fat is lovingly called the Crunch. The Crunch is a variation of the standard sit-up exercise which most if not all of us are familiar with and is in itself, a great way to aid in belly fat reduction. However, when it comes to exercises to get rid of belly fat, the Crunch is much better form. A person can do a variation of this exercise. A) They can stand erect with their back against the wall while leaning against two armrests and while supporting their upper body, bring their knees up to touch their chin, or, B) they can lay down on their back and basically do the same thing, bring their knee up to touch their chin alternately. Yet another Crunch technique which aids in reducing belly fat is the technique where a person lies on their back and swivels their hips while at the same time bringing their knees to their chin. This is done alternately for twenty times for three sets for a total of 60 crunches. How does this aid in belly fat reduction? This also stretches the abdominal muscles while at the same time toning and building the muscles in the lateral or oblique abdominal muscles and also helps strengthen the core and back muscles, giving one a leaner and toner abdomen while at the same time reducing belly fat.

    Finally, the Fourth exercise that is again great in reducing stomach fat is called the Bicycle. This exercise is performed while you lie on your back. You then raise your hips and legs up into the air while simultaneously supporting yourself with your hands on your hips and your upper arms flat on the floor. You then proceed to cycle your legs in a circular motion as if you are riding a bicycle upside down. This exercise is also another fun variation of the sit-up and crunch exercises. It helps to reduce stomach fat by again concentrating effort on the main abdominal core while stretching the lower and mid back muscles, toning and strengthening and elongating the muscles for an overall leaner appearance. These are usually done 20 times for three sets for a total of 60 times. Yet another great cardio exercise as well for an extra benefit for your heart.

    -By: Philip A Williams

    [http://www.philipwilliamsenterprises.com] In order to be successful and lose your belly fat quickly, you need to follow a healthy weight loss program and you need to exercise. Exercise to reduce belly fat and exercise for life. These exercises to get rid of belly fat are simple and easy and effective and can be done by virtually anyone, even variations can be helpful.

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