• Weight Loss 19.11.2010

    Most women out there are sick and tired of fighting the fat on their stomach. They have tried for so long to lose that bulge, that they almost can’t even remember when and where they began. Unfortunately, stomach fat is the most difficult fat on the body to get rid of. Sometimes it feels like, no matter what you do, you just can’t lose that belly fat. I sincerely doubt you could find one single woman who wouldn’t want to get rid of her belly fat and tighten up her stomach.

    It is every woman’s dream to have abs as flat and hard as their dining room table. Unfortunately, lucky for us girls, woman’s bodies are genetically designed to store fat right where we don’t want it; right around the belly. There are so many books, and so many crash diets and cleanses and pills and machines and articles of clothing designed to lessen the fat around the belly. You hear it and see it every single day, everywhere you look, the the point where it’s starting to get old. And some of these so-called “helpful methods” of reducing belly fat actually end up hurting your body more in the long run. Chemicals in diet pills that harm your system, crash diets that essentially starve you, and insane ab targeting machines can cause serious bodily harm. You can try and try all of these insane combinations and magic formulas but, sadly, nothing works. This can lower your self esteem and make you feel helpless and hopeless about losing your belly fat.

    Fighting the battle against belly fat can cost ridiculous amounts of money. It can also take up way too much of your time. Sadly, many women come out losing this belly fat battle. You don’t want to be defeated, so you give it everything you have. You promise yourself you’ll do absolutely anything to get rid of that pesky little belly fat; and you won’t let it stop you from doing anything. Eventually you get to that point- the point where you’re willing to try anything. You’re through with the false promises, the expensive supplements, the hours of cardio, and that weird ab machine from that infomercial that really messed up your back then broke after you used it twice.

    Despite the negative outward appearance of belly fat, and all of the social stigma accompanying it, belly fat is one of the worst things for your health. Many studies have shown that people with more fat around their belly are more prone to heart disease, diabetes, hyper tension, and more deadly diseases. So even if you’re not too concerned with your outward appearance, you must definitely care about you body’s health. Your health could be that one little push you need to get rid of that belly fat.

    The good news is that all hope is not lost. Trust me, ladies, I have been in this position before. I hated the way I looked, and I wasn’t all too healthy. After using the program detailed on my site, I not only felt much better about myself, but I stopped wasting all that time and money on gimmicky programs that don’t work. By eating a healthy, balanced diet, drinking plenty of cold water, and performing resistance training exercises 3 times a week for only 20-30 minutes a session, I lost the fat around my midsection, and this year I’m actually looking forward to shopping for a new bikini.

    -By: Alexandra Johnson

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