• Weight Loss 21.11.2010

    Fat Bellies All Too Common

    So many people are overweight and are facing the problem of obesity. This may be due to the sedentary work profiles and unhealthy food habits. Majority of fat tends to accumulate in the stomach area thus leading to fat bellies. This has resulted in increase in fad diets and workouts. The main aspect of losing weight is eating smartly and consuming belly fat burning food. Are you one of those people who are trying to reduce the belly fat? Then you will want to keep reading for some great tips on how to turn your situation around now.

    Best Solution Is A Combination Approach

    The best solution is eating the right foods along with exercising regularly. It should be noted that, your stomach must not be empty for several hours at a stretch. If you skip meals, it causes excessive hunger and this leads to even more food consumption. Sometimes, just the smell of delicious food may need to secretion of the hydrochloric acid which worsens the bloating in the stomach. Consuming large proportions of food is certainly not needed. Even a fruit or a toast when eaten between meals can suffice. Make it a point to chew your food properly and slowly. If you swallow your food without chewing it well, it may result in production of methane which is a gas and it may subsequently result in bloating. A hot drink is definitely useful in deflating the fat belly rapidly especially if it is made from Aloe Vera. It is also advisable to abstain from carbohydrates and this will help in calming your digestive system.

    Watch The Salt!

    If you consume salt on a large extent it can result in a fat belly as salt has a tendency to retain fluid which causes a swelling in the legs and abdomen. You should replace salt used in cooking with oregano, some other spices or lemon as this will help you get a flat belly. You should avoid consuming foods which are rich in sodium like aged cheese, smoked or salted fish, ham and sausages.

    These Foods Help Burn Excess Belly Fat

    Also, you should consume belly fat burning food. Cinnamon improves digestion as it contains essential oils for the same. This definitely helps the burning of stomach fat. You should also include the Canola oil and Rose hip seeds which are a type of belly fat burning food. These basically increase metabolism of the body and this helps in the mobilization of the abdominal fat. Eggs are the most effective foods you can consume which helps the process of burning the belly fat as they contain biotin. Peanuts and almonds are rich in essential fatty acids which tend to improve the weight loss. The reason for this is that consuming these nuts on the regular basis make you feel full for a long period of time and therefore fewer calories are consumed by you.

    -By: Karena Svens

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