• Contest, Lose Weight 04.01.2012

    Nothing motivates me more than a chance to win a prize! I have the power to give one person each month a free 6 month membership to 7 Minute Workout. The easiest way to sign up is by using your mobile phone:


    Simply text the code 7x3wo to 58885 and you will be entered.

    Why a mobile contest? Because mobile is the best way to get in touch with busy people. If you are busy like I am, you know what I am talking about. That is why 7 Minute Workout is the dream weight loss/fitness program… it fits into anyone’s busy schedule. And by signing up using a mobile phone, you are more likely to respond when we alert the winner of our contest!

    Want to enter another contest? You can win an iPad2 or a Macbook Air… Just sign up here: http://www.mobilemoneybandit.com/contest/?c-signup

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      Posted by Micheal Savoie @ 9:26 am

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