• Mini Workouts 24.10.2012
    Are You Ready For All The Holiday Food?

    When the threat of Holiday temptations and parties starts you looking at bigger pants sizes, you need to stop a moment and get yourself under control.

    You are in control… it isn’t the pumpkin pie or Grandma Ethel heaping a second helping on your plate this is going to increase your waist size… well, in a way it is, but you have control over how you handle those calories.

    With 7 Minute Workout, you can start working out and lose those pesky calories after one routine. And the routines are tailored to your body, not some bulimic supermodel’s tiny frame (unless you are a bulimic supermodel and just want to keep the food in your stomach where it belongs). So you won’t feel as much discomfort.

    Look, we all want to survive the holidays without having to spend all the Christmas money on new clothes. Watch the video at the link below and reserve yourself a spot on the next webinar… you will be glad you did!


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      Posted by Micheal Savoie @ 8:34 pm

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