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    A major new clinical research study, involving more than 14,000 people and spanning some 16 years, has allowed us to identify what does–and what definitely does not–lead to safe, struggle-free, lasting weight loss. As a result, we now know “The 10 Commandments Of Weight Loss Success.”

    Commandment #1: Get The Facts Before You Act!

    Be certain that whatever you do is based on real data, not on hype and wild claims. Recent research has revealed a wealth of new insights into what works–and what doesn’t. Some prime examples:

    – An astonishing 96% of weight loss attempts fail.

    – We gain back a tragic 95% of all the pounds we lose.

    – Dieting is worse than useless. It’s counterproductive.

    – Relying on will power often leads to weight gain.

    – Most of the reasons we’re overweight have nothing to do with food or diet.

    – But, not being aware of these simple truths, people turn to food-based approaches like dieting–and fail by the millions.

    Commandment #2. Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals.

    Your “target weight” must be based in reality, not fantasy. If you’re trying to look like Barbie or Ken (or Pamela Anderson or “Arnold,”) you are in Fantasyland–and in danger as well. Make your goal to be healthy…not “perfect.”

    Commandment #3. Beware Diet Industry “Solutions.”

    Failed diets cause tremendous amounts of unnecessary suffering. Yet we still turn to dieting and other heavily-promoted “solutions” because the Diet Industry still pushes them relentlessly. Climbing out from under their avalanche of misinformation is “Weight Loss Job #1.”

    Commandment #4. Understand That Weight Loss Success Is NOT About Food

    Being overweight is actually not “the problem,” but a physical symptom of a non-physical problem. In other words, the excess weight you can see is only a symptom of a problem you can’t see. We fail because we can’t solve problems by attacking symptoms, but only by dealing with the real, root causes of obesity.

    Commandment #5. Know Who You Are Losing Weight For

    Who are you really trying to please or impress by losing weight? The only acceptable person to lose weight for is you. If your goal is to please or impress anyone else, you are already in trouble. Getting to your healthiest weight is one thing in life that really should be “all about you.”

    Commandment #6. Get Your Whole Being Involved

    “Body-only” or “food-oriented” weight loss approaches are doomed from the start. For lasting weight loss, you must involve your “whole” being — your body, mind, and spirit. See weight loss success as a 3-legged stool. If even one leg is missing, the stool will collapse–no matter how sturdy the other two legs are. To succeed, you must involve and align all three aspects of yourself toward your weight loss goals.

    Commandment #7. Be Very Careful What You Put In Your Mouth

    Diet drugs, pills, and “metabolizers” are, at best short-term fixes. At worst, they can be deadly. Weight loss pills not only breed dependency, but the minute you stop, you “Yo-Yo” back to your original weight–or higher.

    And just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Nature is full of things that can kill humans and other animals. (Amazon tribes count on it!)

    Commandment #8. Have A Realistic Time Frame

    Trying to lose more than 1-2 pounds per week sets you up to get sick, to fail, to be miserable, and probably all of the above. “Losing 10 pounds in 2 days” is very unlikely and very unhealthy. You didn’t put on your unwanted pounds in a hurry. Don’t try to take them off that way.

    Commandment #9. You MUST “Tune Up” Your Colon For Long-Term Health

    Poor colon function is epidemic, dangerous, and is a primary factor in excess weight. Too little exercise, too much protein, fat, sugar, salt, alcohol, nicotine, and not much fiber adds up to lousy colon function–causing discomfort, sluggish digestion, poor nutrient assimilation, heartburn, gas, allergies, even cancer.

    Fortunately, colon function is easy, inexpensive (and very rewarding) to correct. (For more details about the crucial importance of colon health, please read the article here, or send an e mail to frank@coachfranksmoot.com)

    Commandment #10. See Effort and Struggle As “Red Flags”

    Fact: Nearly everyone who stays at their target weight year after year uses a proven “success recipe” that makes success struggle-free and virtually effortless. Only a few researchers are aware of this. And you can be sure you won’t hear it from the Diet Industry.

    -By: Frank Smoot

    Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD, is a professional weight loss coach and counselor, author of dozens of related articles, and creator of several highly effective weight loss programs, including “Get Motivated For Life!” and “Weight Loss God’s Way.” He is available at http://www.CoachFrankSmoot.com and http://www.WeightLossGodsWay.com

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