• Mini Workouts 18.10.2010

    There are four muscle groups which makes up the so called “core” area of the body. They include the muscles in the lower back, the obliques, the lower abs, and the upper abs. It is very essential not to just focus on these core areas of the body but rather for the whole body as well. Thus, having a full body exercise is the main key to the well balanced core training workout.

    Most often than not, individuals focus on just one part of their body, specifically the abdominals. If this is the case, you will have trouble later on with other parts of your body because they are not in balance with the specific part that you work on. People become so focused on getting six pack abs that they tend to forget the other areas of their core which are as important as their abs in finding that perfect shape that they want.

    If you can do the workout in all areas of your body then you will enjoy more effective results. The perfect core training workout requires a full body exercise, which gives you stability. And stability is a requirement in achieving success in any fitness area.

    Keep in mind also that our core muscles are being used in our daily lives. They are the one responsible when we are running, walking, eating as well as driving the car and cleaning our homes; so they are pretty important to maintain in the first place.

    You can maintain your core muscles by doing some twists/stretches every the morning. A quick, bed-side salsa dance is a good way to start your core workout because the type of twisting involved with a quick dance is of great help when solidifying and stabilizing your core. If the twisting of a dance doesn’t appeal to you, you can also do simple stretching for about 15-20 minutes a day. By doing this, you gain flexibility and it is also a good way to prevent injury. You can also add some balance to your core workout; using your one foot, stand for 30 seconds. By means of your free hand, keep your body steady then switch and use your other foot. So, what are you waiting for, plan your core training workout today and get your muscles ready for tomorrow’s activity.

    Incorporating this kind of twisting and stretching in your weight or “real” workout routine is essential when doing true core training. That means lighter weights, holding them longer while you feel that “stretching” of your muscles and using “twisting” exercises as well. (Note: this type of workout is virtually impossible with heavier weights and will result in injury if lighter weights are not used).

    -By: Christopher Fitch

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