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    Being a personal fitness trainer and strength and conditioning specialist that has worked in Atlanta now for 10 years I can tell you with 100% confidence that you will never have a butt kicking results oriented workout as good as you can get with kettlebell training. In addition to kettlebell training being effective it negates the excuses of anyone saying they can’t get a good workout because they don’t have equipment! This is why kettlebell training is one of the absolute best home workout routines you can engage in.

    Best Home Workout Program

    Even my clients are continually impressed by the versatility and application of kettlebell training. With just a single bell there are tons of lifts that can be implemented to help you to achieve superior muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and improved mobility from head to toe. In addition to this kettlebells are extremely affordable when comparing it’s versatility to that of an entire in home gym. Once again, if you are looking at expense as being an excuse to not workout then you are beaten here too!

    As a professional trainer I love kettlebell training because of all of these various reasons I mentioned in addition to the fact that they will tear body fat right off of anybody in a hurry. Many studies have shown that an effective kettlebell training program can cause an individual to burn up to 1200 calories within an hour and this doesn’t even figure in the post exercise burn you get from a highly stimulated basal metabolism. If you want to obtain a lean hard body then you have got to start swinging the bells around my friend.

    Kettlebell training can be implemented most anywhere at anytime. If space is an issue then you have no issues because you can go outdoors. The art of kettlebell training is a truly beautiful thing and because of this it is no wonder that this ancient device has been around for so long. Take your in home workouts to the next level by incorporating kettlebell training into your workout formula.

    If you haven’t already started to include this method into your workouts then you are truly missing out on some terrific hard body results. Take the time to learn more by accessing and reading more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but like I tell my clients only the best train smart!

    -By: Brandon Richey

    To learn more about Kettlebells, Fitness, and achieving Total Mind-Blowing Strength come and visit me at http://www.efandps.com
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    I’m Brandon Richey the Strength and Conditioning Pro!

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