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    Are you looking for a complete abdominal workout that will give you those sought after 6 pack abs? I am going to give you some of the best ab workouts that you have probably never even thought were ab workouts.

    But, first let us take a look at what is preventing most people from getting a great set of abs; fat. To burn a single pound of fat takes 3,500 calories. That is a lot of effort when you consider that, on the average day, an average person only burns 2,000 calories. Most people do sit ups and crunches and all sorts of other ab specific workouts when they want nice abs. However, those types of workouts do not burn enough calories to make a noticeable difference.

    The only time typical ab workouts serve a purpose is when you are under 10% body fat for men and 16% body fat for women. Then the hard work you put in on your abs will be noticeable. But, until then you need to be more concerned with burning fat and I am about to give you the most complete way to burn fat and work your abs at the same time.

    Lifting weights. Yes, lifting weights has a number of benefits. First, muscle weighs more than fat so your body must work harder throughout the day and, consequently, burn more fat. But, the kinds of exercises you do make a real difference as well. By doing compound exercises which work multiple muscle groups at the same time you will exert so much effort that your body goes into a metabolic shock and burns calories at a higher rate for days on end.

    Because your abs actually function to stabilize your body when you do thinks like renegade rows, dumb bell swings, dead lifts, squats, lunges and others they also serve as the most complete abdominal workouts you can get.

    To increase the fat burning effects I recommend using a kettlebell (KB). This looks like a cannonball with a handle on it and because of its design it is ideal for swinging which brings in an added cardiovascular element which will enable you to burn as many as 20 calories a minute. To increase the fat burning capabilities of the KB we will use it in a high intensity interval training format. This is simply moving from one exercise to another with only a brief rest.

    Here is a sample ab workout routine using a Kettlebell.

    Start by warming up with halos which is rotating the KB around your head in both directions. This may not look like it works your abs, but it does. Next move to some figure 8s. simply pass the KB from one hand to another between your legs. Now, you are going to do KB swings between your legs thrusting out with your hips. Lastly, you will do renegade rows. When you finish the set start over again.

    None of these exercises may look like the work your abs but you will definitely feel it there the next day. It is a complete ab workout that not only builds muscle but burns fat!

    -By: John Kidder

    John Kidder is a middle aged man who finally took his life back after too many years and a few too many beers. Now the only 6 pack he has is not in his refrigerator. If you would like to know more click here http://www.absnotflab.info

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