• Mini Workouts 26.02.2011 Comments Off on Free Ab Workout Routine Tips To Obtaining Abs

    So you’re starting to notice the pants are a little tighter, or it’s getting harder to see your toes. Whatever the reason is, don’t sweat it. It’s NORMAL.

    I’m not writing this to make you feel guilty and cut all of your bad habits. On the contrary, I want to let you know it’s fine, and that there are little things throughout the day you can do to increase your overall health, and in turn, lose weight AND develop your mid section.

    The program we designed goes into more detail, but we know tips help, so we’ll sum it up for you throughout this article!

    So what’s the hardest part about working out…finding time? Keeping it interesting? Lack of knowledge?

    How do you keep it exciting?

    Well, first of all, you need to start by setting easy to achieve realistic goals. We all know why goals are important, but if you don’t have goals, you will stray from your original enthusiasm as time goes by.

    Part of the excitment comes from reaching your goals, so start safe. The other exciting part starts when you begin to see results. But we’ll get more challenging later on.

    Also, when you get into a routine, you feel better every time you do your exercises (and they’ll get easier and easier)…It’s really quite addicting….And in some cases it helps with our everyday aches and pains. (ie: if you have trouble sleeping, exercise will likely help you sleep better.)

    Most people are under the impression, to get any type of ab workout, you need to be lying on your back, right? WRONG!

    You can contract your abs and do standing crunches (and sideway oblique crunches) any place, and if you combine this with activities you do throughout the day (walking up and down stairs, carrying groceries, while your are the computer) you will actually be able to develop ab muscles anytime.

    Ok maybe it isn’t as effective as concentrated ab exercises, but it helps big time. It will also compliment the ab exercises you already do (or are going to start!).

    We have a start, lets move on!

    The ‘Big 3’ in ab exercise.

    Time to start reinforcing what you already know into your brain. If you want to get in shape, you need to do all of these.

    Number 1 – DIET

    Number 2 – CARDIO

    Number 3 – AB SCULPTING

    Believe it or not, the order of these is the biggest part when having a beautiful stomach. So for the first step on your routine…Learn to eat better! The pounds will melt off once you start eating right.

    The second step: manage cardio at least 3x into your week. Since you will be losing/maintaining weight after you change your diet, you will amplify the process by increasing your heart rat and burning fat off of your tissues! Which will result in seeing your abs quicker.

    And the last step which you can alternate with your cardio days is: Ab sculpting. The term should be self-explanatory so lets get on to the exercises!

    **Please understand these are my opinions on effective exercises. I’ve read some great articles and some low quality materials on the internet, and out of everything, I’ve found these to be best.

    Bicycle kick – Lay on your back and alternately touch your elbows to your opposite knee. I’m not going to go into too much details as you all should know what this looks like (If not, email us), but these are extremely effective for your entire stomach, and have been voted the most effective stomach exercise you can do (Whether that sentence is true is fictional, but I HAVE heard that, and I believe it!)

    V-Sits – Lay on your back with your hands overstretched above your head, and with your butt on the floor and your upper and lower body relatively straight, you contract your abs and touch your toes so your body looks like a V from the side. In sets of 10-15, these are incredibly effective, but also quite difficult. Do it with bent legs when starting off.

    Reverse crunches – These are great for your abs. You lay on your back, and in a nutshell, have your feet/legs up reaching for the ceiling…Your goal is to get your butt/lower back off the ground, then lower it back down. You can have your arms stretch down your sides to give you stability.

    These are three of the more effective exercises I recommend, and the great thing about them is they can be done anywhere.

    Get creative with your exercises, remember that your muslces love change, so alternate these with other well known ab exercises, and I guarantee once you see the slightest results, you will want to continue down the same path.

    -By: Evan Mitchell

    Evan Mitchell http://www.lower-ab-workouts.com

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  • Mini Workouts 06.02.2011 Comments Off on Range of Motion and Your Workout Routine

    Range of motion has long been discussed in injury prevention in all sorts of physical activities, but what does it have to do with actual muscle building? The range of motion idea centers around working every part of your muscle, evenly promoting growth on all sides. There are a number of workouts that help you to employ this concept, the focus here is the incline position.

    You have a few main muscle groups that we reference and then designate workouts for. We have the back, chest, arms, legs and abdominal to be completely general. It doesn’t do your workout, your mind or your body justice to throw together a general workout that touches these groups in a general way, this robs us of performance, definition and strength. For this discussion I am going to focus on the incline factor in a few of the more popular workouts.

    Setting up on an incline bench allows us a whole new workout experience; it gives the muscle group we are working a full range effect while bringing in complementary muscles which ultimately causes bigger gains. You can nearly do any chest, arm or back workout from an incline position and add a whole new element to your routine.

    The chest and arms are the two bigger benefactors from this incline position as you use more muscles to perform the same exercise, while also having a stronger focus on your main muscle. For example the incline bench press or incline dumbbell flyes. Both of these exercises are great while laying flat, adding the incline bench to them allows you to max out your chest from top to bottom and side to side, allowing you that full definition and increasing your strength big time. Recently I have begun to do a lot of incline triceps and biceps work and have seen some amazing results. Incline dumbbell curls have allowed me to gain nearly an inch on my arms in under a month, that’s big results really fast.

    Incline work can be discouraging, it is much more difficult and will leave you much sorer in the short term, but I am of the opinion that this harder work is worth it. I encourage you to try mixing up your routine and adding the incline element to your workout. For me I get the best results maxing out on incline before doing the same exercises on a flat bench, this allows me to truly max out my muscles and experience some explosive gains.

    -By: Creston Delaney

    Pumped Up

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  • Weight Loss 21.11.2010 Comments Off on Does “The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat” Really Exist?

    Read the title of this article again. “The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat.” Let me be frank now. It does not exist. In the body building and weight training world, there are hundreds of exercises that we can use to work our abdominal muscles. All can be effective exercises that can help us lose stomach fat fast if we consider some key points in our training.

    When we ask questions like, “How to lose stomach fat fast?”, “How do get a flat tummy?”, and “How to get ripped abs?” we must understand that losing weight and belly fat will only come about in a holistic way. Just doing hundreds of crunches everyday and not paying attention to other aspects of abdominal training like diet and general endurance work will not lead to a flat and lean tummy. Here are some things you need to consider and include when thinking of the best exercise to lose belly fat.

    1. Increasing General Fat Burning Capacity

    Fat is present in every part of our body, but we tend to only associate body fat to abdomen fat. Studies have shown that in order for fat to be burned in our body, aerobic exercises must be done beyond twenty minutes. Before that, the body depends more on carbohydrates as fuel to supply the aerobic activities. Beyond twenty minutes, fat metabolism kicks in big time because it is by far the most efficient energy mechanism to support long term aerobic exercise. It does not matter what kind of aerobic activities you perform.

    The best exercise to lose belly fat is actually any form of aerobic activity in excess of twenty minutes. The activity itself need not be too intensive. Low intensity activities like brisk walking or tour cycling for extended period of time are very effective forms of fat metabolism activities. So the next time hear someone ask, “How to get a flat tummy? get them on some form of prolonged low intensity aerobic activities first.

    2. Diet Watch

    No matter how good and comprehensive your exercise program is to lose fat, it will never be effective if you do not watch your diet. How do you expect to lose weight if you indulge in high calorie sinful meals immediately after your perfect workout? It is just not possible. Losing stomach fat and fat is a very simple thing for the body. As long as calorie intake is lower than calorie output, the body will eventually tap on the fat reserve in the body to make up the difference.

    The end result is a leaner body. The best exercises to lose belly fat must be complemented with a diet that will lead to a calorie deficit. This will result in fat lost, and you can bet that a lot of your belly fat will be used to fuel your energy needs.

    3. Abdominal Training Focus

    All abdominal exercises are best exercises to lose belly fat. The reason is that these exercises build up the abdominal muscle groups. These have an indirect effect on “how to lose belly fat fast?” and “How t get ripped abs?” When muscle mass of the abdominal muscles increase, this will result in a higher metabolism rate. Chances are, the muscles will tap on close by body fat to fuel this increase rate. Where is the nearest fat source for the abdominals? That’s right! Your belly fat.

    So one of the key to “how to lose belly fat fast?” is to develop all abdominal muscle groups as best as possible. However, most weight watchers often concentrate only on the rectus abdominals, forgetting the larger obliques. Do pay attention to the obliques as well. If you can shape your obliques up, this will provide a greater mass of muscle for increase metabolic rate and also shape the V-shape trunk that many people desire.

    There is no best exercise to lose belly fat. All abdominal exercises are important and beneficial to losing belly fat fast. These must be combined in a holistic way with a proper diet, inclusion of prolonged aerobic activities as well as a general development of all abdominal muscle groups to induce the greatest weight loss of belly fat.

    -By: Mike Mass

    Mike Mass is a professional trainer offering free advise in his Free Body Building Blog. He also keeps a Fitness and Diet Guide.

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