• 7 Minute Workout…..that’s an oxymoron isn’t it?

    I mean how is this possible?

    Best of all it really WORKS!

    This unique innovative exercise and weight loss system is the brainchild of Joel Therien and co-founder Chris Reid. It is called 7 Minute Workout and is taking the Fitness and Weight Loss Industry by storm. It is FUN and EASY and ultimately you only workout for 7 Minute Workout a day-3x per week. That in itself is unheard of and the fact that it WORKS makes it even more amazing and unusual.

    Both Joel and Chris have been using this system for the past 20+ years while they were both competitive athletes in World Class competition.

    Joel Therien – was a very successful Body Building athlete in World competition.


    Chris Reid – won the World Power Breaking Champion in Tae Kwon-Do in 2004.

    Chris Reid Breaking Stuff…

    They lived and breathed this system and become products of this system of training and weight control. It catapulted them into successful competitive World class athletes and they have adhered to this program ever since they left the circuit and continued on with their careers.

    The program has a proven track record and has been tested for a number of years and shows quantifiable results which will "rock" the foundation and myths of the traditional style and methods now being adhered to by the Fitness Industry. 7 Minute Workout is dedicated in pursuing and attaining optimum health as a Worldwide mantra and is bringing this tried and true system to HELP in the fight against obesity and lifestyle excesses.

    Through this exciting program anyone can become the BEST THEY CAN BE! After all everybody can find 7 Minute Workout during the day to exercise and increase their strength and stamina. The age old excuse of I don’t have time does not exist anymore, NOR does the "I hate to exercise" retort…because believe it or not, after starting 7 Minute Workout you will actually LOVE to exercise and will LOOK FORWARD to it.

    Who can do it? Anybody…..

    – all ages

    – all shapes and sizes

    – all levels of fitness (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

    – all health issue levels

    The program is simple and effective, cost is very affordable, staff support and training is phenomenal, and the ongoing motivation and interest in your personal WELFARE and SUCCESS is excellent.

    7 Minute Workout promises not only to give you weight loss and physical fitness BUT it will give you flexibility, vitality, enjoyment and a feeling of WELL BEING and personal accomplishment. You will look better and feel better.

    The 7 Minute Workout created by Joel proves why short duration exercise increases the desire to workout. He has developed 2 successful network marketing businesses GVO & GVO Conference and is about to launch 7 Minute Workout as a home based business opportunity in a multimillion dollar marketing niche. You don’t want to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!

    Find out about this innovative home based business opportunity and begin your journey towards Better Health and Wealth http://www.7minuteworkout.com

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    • Mini Workouts 25.03.2011 Comments Off on With New Home Fitness Equipment – You Can Find Something To Rely On As Part Of YOUR Workout Routine!

      Whether you are creating a home gym or if you are just looking for the very best piece of home fitness equipment on the market, there are plenty of online sources of information out there for you. We can suggest some of the best home fitness equipment available right now–but whatever kind of the best home fitness equipment you decide to buy will completely depend on your personal goals.

      When you find home fitness equipment you really like, ask yourself a few very important questions:

      1) Do I have room to store this piece of equipment?

      If the answer is no–look around for something you can store easily, the very best home fitness equipment among collapsible home fitness merchandise.

      2) Do I know exactly what I need for simple and healthy workouts?

      If you just want to remain healthy and are not using your high quality, best home fitness equipment. Meaning, if your equipment is not intended for personal body building goals–find exactly what you want–because there are many choices.

      3) Do I have the best ideas for rapidly effective home fitness equipment especially for bodybuilding?

      Bodybuilding equipment is very important–especially when your goal is to work your entire body. Specific parts of the body are easy to gain strength in with the best home fitness equipment. However, often you will need to follow the specific instructions that come with your high quality best home fitness equipment.

      Exercise at home is wonderful–it will cost you less in the long run if you purchase high quality equipment–and your best home fitness equipment will save you time as well. Do not waste valuable time going to the gym and back. Exercise when you have the time with the very best home fitness equipment there is on the market today.

      Online shopping will also provide a convenience for you–you do not have to leave home–you can shop at anytime, and your merchandise will be shipped to you. Purchase the best home fitness equipment and you will be glad you did.

      -By: Anne Clarke

      Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, recreation, education and d?cor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles about fitness, please visit Fitness Equipment.</a

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    • Mini Workouts 12.12.2010 Comments Off on How To Pick Out A Great Bodybuilding Workout Routines

      You see, then it comes to bodybuilding, you want to get results. You want to be able to go to the gym, workout, and gain muscle mass, lose fat and get ripped. But the problem with many guys who do weight training, is that they workout at the gym 6 to 7 times a week, sometimes for over an hour each time.

      And after about 6 months of doing this, they haven’t got the great body that they wanted to get!

      It’s real frustrating, especially as you’re putting in the hard work.

      So in this article, let’s go through how to get a bodybuilding workout that works to build muscle mass and size. A bodybuilding workout routine that’s effective includes workouts that do these things:

      1. The bodybuilding program stimulates each muscle group about once every

      5-7 days. This is because over stimulation will not let the group grow adequately before the next time at the gym.

      2. The muscle workout program works the muscles in such a way that causes enough stimulation to get the muscle to grow. This can be with supersets or with a program that targets a muscle group (eg chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, or abs etc) in an effective way at each workout.

      3. A program that has the right sets and reps to cause both the fast acting fibres and slow acting fibres to grow. Which means bigger muscles in a shorter amount of time.

      4. A workout that has changes from week to week in terms of more or less intense. This is because it will stimulate the muscles to grow more. It’s a natural bodybuilding technique that is used by the pros that many guys don’t know about.

      5. A diet plan that gives enough protein, but not the same amount all the time.

      This also means more stimulation for muscle growth.

      There are more factors that this that are important. See the site in the resource box below for the bodybuilding workouts routines that gives results.

      So there you have it.

      If you workout in the right way, your body building efforts will really show, and you’ll get a great body.

      If you use a program that doesn’t work, then you won’t see the great results.

      So go ahead and get a great body, and choose a great bodybuilding workout routine.

      -By: Lucas Ryan

      Want to know which bodybuilding workouts will have you build muscle fast? Then see Lucas Ryan’s website on bodybuilding workouts and routines for the best bodybuilding programs to build muscle fast, lose fat and get ripped. Go there to get the top 3 muscle building workout plans now.

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    • Weight Loss 21.11.2010 Comments Off on Does “The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat” Really Exist?

      Read the title of this article again. “The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat.” Let me be frank now. It does not exist. In the body building and weight training world, there are hundreds of exercises that we can use to work our abdominal muscles. All can be effective exercises that can help us lose stomach fat fast if we consider some key points in our training.

      When we ask questions like, “How to lose stomach fat fast?”, “How do get a flat tummy?”, and “How to get ripped abs?” we must understand that losing weight and belly fat will only come about in a holistic way. Just doing hundreds of crunches everyday and not paying attention to other aspects of abdominal training like diet and general endurance work will not lead to a flat and lean tummy. Here are some things you need to consider and include when thinking of the best exercise to lose belly fat.

      1. Increasing General Fat Burning Capacity

      Fat is present in every part of our body, but we tend to only associate body fat to abdomen fat. Studies have shown that in order for fat to be burned in our body, aerobic exercises must be done beyond twenty minutes. Before that, the body depends more on carbohydrates as fuel to supply the aerobic activities. Beyond twenty minutes, fat metabolism kicks in big time because it is by far the most efficient energy mechanism to support long term aerobic exercise. It does not matter what kind of aerobic activities you perform.

      The best exercise to lose belly fat is actually any form of aerobic activity in excess of twenty minutes. The activity itself need not be too intensive. Low intensity activities like brisk walking or tour cycling for extended period of time are very effective forms of fat metabolism activities. So the next time hear someone ask, “How to get a flat tummy? get them on some form of prolonged low intensity aerobic activities first.

      2. Diet Watch

      No matter how good and comprehensive your exercise program is to lose fat, it will never be effective if you do not watch your diet. How do you expect to lose weight if you indulge in high calorie sinful meals immediately after your perfect workout? It is just not possible. Losing stomach fat and fat is a very simple thing for the body. As long as calorie intake is lower than calorie output, the body will eventually tap on the fat reserve in the body to make up the difference.

      The end result is a leaner body. The best exercises to lose belly fat must be complemented with a diet that will lead to a calorie deficit. This will result in fat lost, and you can bet that a lot of your belly fat will be used to fuel your energy needs.

      3. Abdominal Training Focus

      All abdominal exercises are best exercises to lose belly fat. The reason is that these exercises build up the abdominal muscle groups. These have an indirect effect on “how to lose belly fat fast?” and “How t get ripped abs?” When muscle mass of the abdominal muscles increase, this will result in a higher metabolism rate. Chances are, the muscles will tap on close by body fat to fuel this increase rate. Where is the nearest fat source for the abdominals? That’s right! Your belly fat.

      So one of the key to “how to lose belly fat fast?” is to develop all abdominal muscle groups as best as possible. However, most weight watchers often concentrate only on the rectus abdominals, forgetting the larger obliques. Do pay attention to the obliques as well. If you can shape your obliques up, this will provide a greater mass of muscle for increase metabolic rate and also shape the V-shape trunk that many people desire.

      There is no best exercise to lose belly fat. All abdominal exercises are important and beneficial to losing belly fat fast. These must be combined in a holistic way with a proper diet, inclusion of prolonged aerobic activities as well as a general development of all abdominal muscle groups to induce the greatest weight loss of belly fat.

      -By: Mike Mass

      Mike Mass is a professional trainer offering free advise in his Free Body Building Blog. He also keeps a Fitness and Diet Guide.

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      • Mini Workouts 20.10.2010 Comments Off on Fat Burning Workouts – Are You Getting the Fat Loss Results You Want Or is There a Better Way?

        If you have decided that you have had enough of looking frumpy and fat and you are determined to be toned, healthy and lose weight, well done, I applaud you! The hardest step to take is the first one, and you have just done that.

        Be aware that there is a lot of information out there and not all of it will work for you. There are fat burning workouts that work well and some that do not. I have been working out for over 20 years and have found out what works and I would like to share that with you.

        I have been to the gym doing the standard type of workout, and I do not recommend that you do that when there is another way that works better.

        Your standard gym workout probably goes something like this:

        Start with 20-30 minutes of warm up and cardio on a stationery exercise-cycle or treadmill (or other similar machine)

        Next, 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions working out with weights doing resistance training for different muscle groups

        Finally a further 15-20 minutes on the bike or rower as a cool down

        Are you familiar with this?

        You can get results following this workout routine (as long as you keep at it faithfully), but why not work out more effectively over less time?

        One of the disadvantages of being on the treadmill for the length of time advised in a standard workout is that the jarring on the joints on a regular basis can have a negative effect long-term on those joints. Also, doing the same thing each time does not necessarily challenge your body. It just plateaus out and you stop losing weight.

        To get your body to grow it needs to be continually challenged. It uses a survival mechanism where the body rises to the challenge by building strength and then the workout continues to challenge the body, so that it continues to build strength.

        The trick here is to work smarter and not harder, and over a shorter period.

        Your workout needs to consist of intense resistance training 3 times a week. Each session needs to cover your whole body and each rest period between sets needs to be 30 seconds or less. By limiting the rest time, you actually have a great cardio workout during the entire session.

        If you are performing each movement correctly and making them slow controlled movements to the point of failure (in other words you could not manage one more repetition), one set for each muscle group will be more than enough. By maxing out your muscles, you are challenging them. By incorporating cardio in your resistance training, you are reducing wear and tear on your joints, and you are saving time on each session.

        If you are new to working out or even if you have been working out for ten plus years or more like me, try these fat burning workouts and see the change in your physical shape in less time than you expect.

        Do a great thing for yourself today and begin to reshape a new and healthy you.

        -By: Jo Baker

        For more fat burning workouts, click through now, start losing weight effectively, and learn how to keep it off, too!

        Get “Push Button” Fat Loss Techniques here – http://www.fatburningfurnace-weightloss.info – Wishing you health and success – Jo Baker

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