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    Are you tired of the same old workout routine that you use in the gym? A boxing routine workout will put some new excitement in your workouts. Boxing is a great workout for you as you will get stronger and shed calories.

    Before you perform the below boxing workout you must stretch out all your muscles. Since you will be using your legs, arms, chest and back, make sure you get a full body stretch. Also, throughout the workout, you must stay hydrated.

    Begin the workout with soft punches to the punching bag. If you are a beginner, use a lighter punching bag. Punch the bag for about 5 minutes and once you have completed your warm-up, stretch out a little more.

    Now throw some harder punches. Go fast for 5 minutes and then rest for 1 minute. Do this one more time going strong for 5 minutes for a total of 10 minutes of punching.

    Next throw 20 minutes of jabs. Take a break after each 5 minutes. Now your blood should be flowing. Make sure you stay hydrated as the next part can get intense.

    Throw uppercuts for 20 minutes, taking breaks at 5 minutes.

    Throw hooks for 20 minutes, resting 5 minutes in between.

    Now throw a combination of jabs, punches, hooks and uppercuts for 20 minutes, taking breaks a 5 minutes.

    End your routine with a cool down. Punch the bag lightly for 10 minutes.

    Now if you can not complete all the minutes, do not worry as you will eventually build up the stamina. You must be patient.

    -By: Ronek Bhatt

    My name is Ronek Bhatt. I am 22 years old and a fitness enthusiast. I started working out 5 years ago and since then have dedicated numerous hours learning and researching about fitness, bodybuilding, diets, and other sources of healthy living.

    This boxing routine workout has made me gain so much muscle! I also used many other routines from BestFitnessWorkout.com.

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