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    Are you like me when I used to be a beginner? I was always considering how long my exercise routine should be.

    The existing idea going around is that more hours spent in the gymnasium working out as a beginner, the bigger muscles you’ll build.

    This sounds logical to me. But often truth itself defies our logic.

    The key to a good beginner workout routine is to do short and intense work-outs. Doing a routine like this will give you the best results.

    It is all about quality, not quantity. Putting in more hours in the gym won’t help you gain muscle and lose weight in any way.

    Just to be frank with you, it might actually have the wrong effect on your muscle size. Beginners must not fall into the booby trap of that kind of workout routine.

    I will tell you why at this time.

    After about 45 minutes of an exhausting and intense workout, your body will start to release a hormone called cortisol.

    The reason your muscle fibers tear and get broken down is due to this precise hormone, cortisol. Your body does this to be in a position to supply you with more energy.

    Because of this if your exercise programme is far too long for a newbie, you can end up losing muscle mass instead of building muscle mass.

    The ideal length of a beginner workout routine should be right around the 60 minute mark.

    Remember you need to take away the all too vital recovery time if your exercise program is longer than 60 minutes.

    Recovery time is totally necessary and every minute of it actually is essential. Your muscle fibers need that time to repair recover and rebuild.

    If you actually want to build gigantic muscles it’s important your exercise programmes, especially as a amateur, last for only sixty minutes.

    Remember your exercise programs have to be short and intense. Keep the socializing as low as possible. You are there to do work.

    The other reason to keep the sixty minute limit is usually because it will help you on a psychological level also.

    In order to keep motivation levels high, knowing you are only going to be doing a workout routine for one hour helps a lot.

    You’ll have much more motivation to pump that last rep really hard if you know that you get to leave shortly and your exercise program will only last a few more minutes.

    Now that you have greater focus you can ensure that each rep has the right intensity and form so you don’t screw up your exercises or injure yourself.

    On the flip side, if your beginner exercise programme lasts for hours upon hours, it takes a large mental toll on you and your potential progression.

    Naturally, your effort and focus will fade after about thirty minutes of a highly vigorous workout.

    Because of this fact, when you train for too much time, you pass the time in the gymnasium far less efficiently.

    Let’s face it, you don’t want your workout routine to take up your entire day. By having a life outside of the gymnasium and having additional time will help you properly incorporate your amateurs workout routine into your life, rather than the other way around. It will also help you to see the most benefit from your bodybuilding exercise programmes.

    Passing time to understand extra factors like choosing the proper types of exercises, correct nutrition, and the importance of gradually increasing your workout strength is important to your success.

    Also beneficial to your success is coming to the realization that correct dietary habits, progressive training and knowing which exercises are best. Knowing these 3 things are vital to long term bodybuilding success.

    Remember that in bodybuilding, education is just as vital as is dedication. You’ve got to know. Ignorance is not bliss.

    -By: Todd G Bowman

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