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    The bottom line with weight control is that if you haven’t found your ideal personal diet, you’re probably going from one thing to the next without any clear path in mind. You might have a jamboree of all kinds of different foods from day to day – some of which leave you feeling great, and some of which leave you feeling downright tired and lethargic. The key? Finding and defining your ideal personal diet.

    What I’m talking about here is having some fun with it. Turn the way you eat into a personal experiment and consider it crucial research. Play around with each meal you eat and notice how you feel right after, 30 minutes after, a few hours after. Which meals or snacks give you the most personal energy and mental clarity? A lot of times the ones that leave us feeling the best are also the ones that give us exactly what we need – for example, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, etc.

    If you can create a collection of thoughts, ideas and recipes of the meals that not only taste the best and excite you, but also leave you feeling packed full of energy for hours, you’ve got a winning map to your ideal personal diet – and easy weight control. You can place these recipes in a “control book”, which can just be any 3-ring binder. Anytime you have an amazing meal that leaves you feeling great, just down the recipe or print it off and stash it. The next time you’re looking around for something to eat during lunch or dinner, open the control book and pick out one of your best meals!

    It’s such a simple solution: ruthlessly experiment, day-to-day, week-to-week, and you’ll soon find that simply paying some level of attention to which meals make you feel great will have completely revolutionized the way you eat on a daily basis. Top-level CEOs, athletes, and other professionals already know this: you need to fuel yourself to be in a state of peak performance. Without the right fuel, everything can still run…but at a sub-par level. Take control of your weight and your quality of life through finding and defining your ideal personal diet!

    -By: John W Brackett

    John Brackett runs a popular weekly blog on natural health, personal fitness and lifestyle freedom, an online community centered around learning, sharing and having some fun along the way! Topics include cutting-edge information on ideal personal diet, mental performance, clarity, and much, much more. Click below to check out the latest posts and comments from the community:


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