• Weight Loss 12.03.2011 Comments Off on what you want to achieve

    Millions of people are constantly trying to lose weight. The sad fact is that the vast majority never reach their target. Some never make it passed the first week, some give up when the pounds stop dropping off and, out of the successful few who do slim down, many will see their waistline expanding a few months later. Not great news but, by understanding why you fail when it comes to obtaining the ideal body, can go a long way to ensuring that the next attempt is the one that’s going to get you exactly where you want to go.

    Reason One – Failure to follow an individualised weight – loss plan.

    We’ve all been there; a friend has lost five pounds in a week by following the latest fad diet. Being impressed by her enthusiasm and success and our “well, if she can do it, I can do it attitude” we throw ourselves in feet first sticking to the regime like glue for the first week, at the end of the which we also have shed many pounds. The problem is that the mere thought of another; shake, soup or vile product on which the plan is based is simply too much to bear – as it was for our friend who’s given up and has put the weight back on already!

    So the number one golden rule to successful weight – loss is to find a plan that suits you, your lifestyle, your purse and your taste in food. If you’re not overly keen on foods which form the basis of the diet you’re unlikely to get beyond the first week.

    Reason Two – Lack of true motivation.

    When starting on any goal, weight – loss or otherwise it’s important to have a clear idea; not just of what you want to achieve but also why you want to achieve it. If you think about the personal benefits reaching your goal will realise this will help to boost your self – discipline in the light of temptation. So rather than simply thinking about the end result, for example losing 14lbs, think about things such as:

    ? Get into an outfit for a special occasion

    ? Look great on the beach

    ? Feel more attractive

    ? Become healthier

    ? Boost self – confidence

    Don’t forget to refer to this list on a daily basis as a source of inspiration

    Reason Three – Lack of planning and organisation.

    There is nothing worse than, having had a successful few weeks than getting home, hungry and tired only to find that your cupboards are bare of acceptable foods. Either it’s too late or you simply don’t have the inclination to go shopping, the result? Probably that you’ll either end up sending out for something loaded with fat and calories or you’ll succumb to the temptation of rustling up something equally unhealthy.

    The solution? Plan your weekly menu in advance make sure that you have all the ingredients in that you need. If you have a busy schedule and tend to get in late spend an hour or so once a week preparing meals that you can freeze. Search the Internet for quick recipe ideas suitable for the regime that you have decided to follow. Don’t forget that many ‘traditional’ recipes can be adapted to make them more healthy by substituting high calorie/high fat ingredients for products less so.

    -By: Diane Collyer

    Diane Collyer was a former athlete and holds qualifications in food science and nutrition. Having struggled to shed the excessive weight brought on by childbirth and over indulgence and tired with fad diets and broken promise, Diane devising her own successful weight-loss programme including her unique ‘back to front’ approach to dieting.

    To find out more about losing weight the easy way and to receive your free report and mini-course visit:


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  • Weight Loss 09.12.2010 Comments Off on Losing Belly Fat and Getting Six Pack Abs Made Simple

    Do you want to know how to lose belly fat? You may think that situps, leg raises and crunches are the best way to lose your belly fat. They are not. Although they do work your stomach muscles, they do not decrease the body fat around your belly. You simply can not spot reduce fat. There is much more to it than that.

    To lose belly fat, must exercise to lose fat from your entire body uniformly . If you frequently overeat or exercise too little, your body will store fat around the belly for future use. When you exercise regularly, the body quickly uses this stored fat for energy, and you get leaner all over.

    Here is the great news. You can forget about doing those useless abdominal exercises and focus on doing whole body workouts that will actually boost your metabolic rate and have you burning tons of fat. Some great exercises are push-ups, body squats, chest presses, shoulder presses, and much more.

    So, there’s really no secret to losing belly fat. Do a simple work out daily, eat less bad foods, and eat lots of the healthy foods that will make you strong. Also, have 5-6 smaller meals instead of 3 big ones. Avoid caloric beverages and all processed foods. These nutritionally dense foods and physical activity is all it takes to lose belly fat and get six pack abs.

    The fact is that there is no secret strategy to losing belly fat. Its just a matter of using the correct method consistently. And if you can discipline yourself enough to do this, you will burn tons of belly fat and be walking around with six pack abs in not time.

    -By: Ron Khawar

    Ron Khawar
    Certified Personal Trainer
    Certified Nutritionist

    Ron Khawar has been helping people lose weight, get into shape, crush belly fat, and improve their health for almost 20 years. He has a passion to help people find their health and look great.

    Ron Khawar is also an author of several books. His latest book, “The Insider Secrets to Losing Belly Fat,” reveals the truth to losing belly fat and getting a beautiful tone and flat stomach.

    If you would like to learn more about this record selling book, just go to http://www.ridbellyfat.com

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    • Mini Workouts 16.10.2010 Comments Off on 2010 Road Map to 6 Pack Abs Workout Challenge – Week 10 Exercises

      Hi everybody and welcome back to the 2010 road to 6 pack abs workout challenge! Great news for you today! If you have trained hard over the past 9 weeks, done all the exercises 5 to 6 days a week and kept your diet clean then I want to reward you with an entire week off! You are going to need it as I need you to be 100% ready going into the final 3 weeks. Recovery is key to building muscle so over the next week, keep your diet clean but you can lay off the ab exercises. Once your recovery period is over, these are the exercises I want you to do starting next week.

      12 Weeks to 6 Pack Abs Workout Challenge – Week 10 Exercises

      Exercise 1: 3 Way Ab Wheel-Outs

      2 Sets of 12 Reps

      Exercise 2: BOSU Tuck Crunch

      2 Sets of 20 Reps

      Exercise 3: Hanging Knee Drops

      2 Sets of 10 Drops on Each Leg

      Exercise 4: Seated Around the Worlds

      2 Sets of 10 to the Right and 10 to the Left

      Exercise 5: Wall Plank Tucks

      2 Sets of 10 to 12 Reps on Each Leg

      Another 5 challenging ab exercises have been laid out for you. If you have tried them you can see they are not easy but they work. Keep the intensity up and try and take as few breaks as possible between exercises.

      Well organized workout and nutritional programs are the key to achieving your ultimate body and getting that lean, athletic, muscular look. If you have been following this ab workout series, you are starting to see the benefits of such an organized program. Its time to take your training up to the next level and incorporate such a program into your workout routine but that incorporates your entire body. Having your workouts planned in advanced and having them include a lot of variety and changing it up is the best way to get into the best shape of your life. You won’t get bored of the same old workouts and you will be motivated to keep going from the results of what your body looks like as well as the increase in strength and overall health of your body!

      -By: Frank Marconi

      For a free video demonstration of the exercises presented above, please follow the link: Ultimate Ab Workouts.

      For information on a step by step 90 day workout and nutritional program used by professional athletes and celebrities and specifically designed to help you burn fat, build muscle and get you that lean, ripped, athletic look as well as get you into the best shape of your life, please follow the link: Ultimate Workout Program.

      Frank Marconi has been working out for over ten years and specializes in circuit training workouts and nutrition in order to help people achieve that ripped, athletic and muscular look.

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    • This is Bessie Herman with a question that’s
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