• Mini Workouts 06.04.2011 Comments Off on Things We Should Consider Before Buying Workout DVDs Or Videos

    If our preference is a home workout routine rather than attending a gym, then there is a multitude of choice in videos and DVDs. We may find this a much easier way of exercising, not only because it is easily slotted into our often busy lifestyle but also we have the feeling of being part of a workout group, rather than doing a workout routine on our own.

    There are various factors to consider before we buy our workout DVD or videos:

    A) What type of exercise do we require?

    We have to decide what exercises we want to do, and feel comfortable doing. There are so many options to choose from, so whatever capabilities we have, there will be something to suit us all. Perhaps our choice may be muscle building, weight training, cardio or low and high impact aerobics, running or walking. The options are endless, and we can also choose a selection of exercises which we can alternate daily, adding variety and targeting different muscle groups.

    B) What level of intensity?

    If we are a beginner, or have not exercised for quite some time, the most obvious choice would be a DVD or video which will be challenging but not too difficult, we do not want to begin with strains or injuries. If we already exercise on a regular basis, and have a relatively good fitness level, then an intermediate workout routine is the best choice. If we are very fit and sufficiently able to withstand a higher level of intensity workout, then a more advanced workout programme would be the best option.

    Attention to the intensity and skill levels, which are normally printed on the reverse of DVDs and videos, should help with our choices. Some workouts can have variable intensity levels. This is shown by instructors showing a high intensity workout, plus a variation in the form of another instructor demonstrating a lower intensity version at the same time. We can choose to begin at the lower intensity level if we feel that we need to gradually progress to the higher intensity option.

    C) Do we have certain restrictions or require additional equipment?

    Practicality is an important issue when considering which workout programme we choose. Perhaps we have limited space in our home, or are unable to perform noisy routines such as jumping if we have neighbours below us. We may also need additional equipment such as weights, exercise balls, mats or a step platform. These not only need extra space when in use, but also require storage space when we are not using them.

    All DVDs and videos should specify the need for any additional equipment, and we can roughly assess the space required for our workout. Walking or step DVDs usually require very little space as we are usually kept practically in one place throughout the workout, whereas a dance aerobic workout would probably require a completely clear room to get the full benefit of the routine and allow sufficient movement.

    The cost of DVDs can vary. Some of the more popular or recently released ones can be expensive, whereas some savings can be made by purchasing older workout routines. Another option are sets of DVDs, which usually contain various different routines which, although more expensive than a single DVD give us a little more flexibility and variety in our workout routines.

    -By: Dave Townley

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  • Mini Workouts 13.12.2010 Comments Off on Workout Routines – What’s Right For Me?

    How do I know what is right for me when it comes to exercise?

    You may be in the position where you’ve never really worked out before. Or, you may be someone who has worked out regularly but really don’t know if what you are doing is what you should be doing. The key to remember is that there is no one absolute best way, or best program for everyone. Each individual is different and will respond differently to any particular workout routine. And no program will work forever for anyone, regardless of who you are. The longer you exercise, the more often you need to change your routine in order to keep your body responding. Beginners can go for probably 6-8 weeks on the same routine, intermediate 4-6 weeks and advanced 2-4 weeks. This doesn’t mean complete changes, it could be as simple as changing the order of the exercises, changing the repetitions, or rest between exercises.

    But before you can change the workout you have to know what to do for the workout to begin with. How much cardio? How much weight training? How much stretching? This is mainly dependent on two things, what you want to accomplish and where you are now relative to it. You first want to figure out what your main goal is and how far you have to go to get there. You must also take into account your past and present experience with exercise and physical activity. A beginner who wants to lose 10 lbs of fat vs a professional athlete who wants to lose 10 lbs will have vastly different workout routines. When it comes down to it there are really only about 3 different goals that most everyone has. They are losing weight, feeling better and getting more muscle. For each goal the workouts will be very different, however they still all contain the basic parts of an exercise routine at some level or another. Each of them will have some weight training, cardio training and flexibility training. The amounts of each and the intensity level will vary greatly and will be unique to that particular person and their specific goals. The bottom line is if you are currently doing nothing at all anything you do will improve your fitness and health (anything except doing highly demanding super advanced routines that you may find in bodybuilding magazines). If you already are working out but your progress has come to a halt you probably need to change your routine in some way. So go ahead and change the exercises you’re doing, or change the order you do them in, or change the number of reps you do. Just these slight changes should give your progress a boost. For beginners or any of you who haven’t worked out regularly in a long time start out with 30-45 minutes of weight training 3 times a week, every other day. On the days in between do 30 minutes of cardio either walking (outside/treadmill) or on an elliptical machine. It’s not fancy, but it will get you started on a routine that you can develop consistency with. All in all it’s about consistency regardless of the program you follow, you have to do it and do it on a regular basis if you want to see progress.

    -By: Mark J Rogers

    About the author: Mark Rogers is a fitness consultant who works with clients in their homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and with clients across the world online. He has been involved in fitness for over 15 years and has a diverse variety of experience training clients of all ages and levels in both health clubs and private homes. He can be contacted through his website http://www.markrogersfitness.com

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    • Weight Loss 02.12.2010 Comments Off on How To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

      If you would like to learn how to burn stubborn belly fat you have made already a wise decision.

      Do you know that losing stubborn belly fat is one of the most important steps you can take to stay healthy for life.

      A flat stomach is the ultimate symbol of a sex god

      Most people are dead wrong when it comes to things like losing belly fat, abs training.

      They think that exercices are the number one solution.

      True exercices will help you but if you want to lose stubborn belly fat you will have to eat right.

      I hope you are still interested read on and discover four secret methods to burn stubborn belly fat.

      Method 1 # HIIT.

      HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.

      You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or on your home trainer to lose stubborn belly fat.

      Spend 15 minutes a day three times a week on HIIT and you will burn belly fat like never before.

      The concept of HIIT is very simple do cardio exercices with a low intensity level

      varied with cardio exercices with a high level of intensity.

      Perhaps you don’t realise it but you know already a few HIIT exercices.

      – Spinning.

      – Sprinting.

      Let’s say that you would like to start with sprinting if you want do HIIT.

      The best way to do it is jog for a few minutes, sprint, jog again and so on.

      Remember this is high intensity training don’t cross the 15 minutes border.

      Method 2 # Foods that burn stubborn belly fat.

      You can do the best exercices in the world you will not lose belly fat with the right eating habits.

      To help you out I give you a list with seven foods that burn stubborn belly fat.

      – Eggs contain a high level of vitamin b12 and this vitamin helps your body to boost your metabolism rate.

      – brown rice.

      – mangoes.

      – peppers

      – radishes

      – tomatoes

      – cucumber.

      Method 3 # Do not buy ab gadgets.

      Also I have spend my hard earned money on abdominal gadgets and they don’t work.

      They don’t work if you want to lose stubborn belly fat and they don’t help you to get a six pack ab.

      Sure the models on the tv commercial do have some great sexy abs
      but the truth is that they are spending hours and hours in the gym each day.

      If you really want to spend some money buy an subscription and spend some dollars on education material.

      Method 4 # breakfast like a king.

      Do you know the saying:

      Breakfast like a king

      Lunch like a prince

      sup like a pauper.

      This is true if you want to lose stubborn belly fat your breakfast should be your major meal instead of lunch.

      Actually the quote above is not written by fitness experts you should eat every three hours.

      Breakfast is not the first thing you should do in the morning the first thing you should do is cardio training.

      If you are a big fan of cereal products do not forget to add milk to it.

      I hope you learned something from this article about how to lose stubborn belly fat.

      Keep in mind that you will have to make some changes in your live

      but I can tell you it is worth the effort.

      -By: Frederik Smith

      Discover the truth about abs and belly fat [http://www.hlo.cc].

      Crunches, leg raises and set ups are uneffective.

      Do you really use fat loss pills or supplement to lose stubborn belly fat?

      If you are serious about losing abdominal fat then you must read

      the work of Michael Gary the best resource when it comes to losing belly fat and six pack exercices.

      Act now if you visit his site today you get a high valuable secret ebook for free.

      the Training

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      • No matter if you are going to be doing a cardio workout or a resistance workout, you should always make it a point to eat a balanced mix of protein and carbohydrates.  What makes that determining percentage of carbs and protein you consume is whether or not you are doing cardio or resistance exercise and the intensity level that you plan to work at.

        The ideal time for you to eat your pre workout meal is an hour before you begin.  If you plan to exercise at a low intensity, you should keep your pre workout meal down to 200 calories or so.  If you plan to exercise at a high level of intensity, you will probably need your meal to be between 4,000 and 5,000 calories.

        The right food is as important as the right time to eat!

        If you find yourself feeling sluggish and unenergetic, you might want to consider a cleanse. Nature Pure Cleanse is gentle but effective in cleaning the bad stuff out of your system to reduce your body’s stress levels!  Ask For Your Trial Offer Now! Flush Out Toxins From Your Body Today!

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