• 7 Minute Workout…..that’s an oxymoron isn’t it?

    I mean how is this possible?

    Best of all it really WORKS!

    This unique innovative exercise and weight loss system is the brainchild of Joel Therien and co-founder Chris Reid. It is called 7 Minute Workout and is taking the Fitness and Weight Loss Industry by storm. It is FUN and EASY and ultimately you only workout for 7 Minute Workout a day-3x per week. That in itself is unheard of and the fact that it WORKS makes it even more amazing and unusual.

    Both Joel and Chris have been using this system for the past 20+ years while they were both competitive athletes in World Class competition.

    Joel Therien – was a very successful Body Building athlete in World competition.


    Chris Reid – won the World Power Breaking Champion in Tae Kwon-Do in 2004.

    Chris Reid Breaking Stuff…

    They lived and breathed this system and become products of this system of training and weight control. It catapulted them into successful competitive World class athletes and they have adhered to this program ever since they left the circuit and continued on with their careers.

    The program has a proven track record and has been tested for a number of years and shows quantifiable results which will "rock" the foundation and myths of the traditional style and methods now being adhered to by the Fitness Industry. 7 Minute Workout is dedicated in pursuing and attaining optimum health as a Worldwide mantra and is bringing this tried and true system to HELP in the fight against obesity and lifestyle excesses.

    Through this exciting program anyone can become the BEST THEY CAN BE! After all everybody can find 7 Minute Workout during the day to exercise and increase their strength and stamina. The age old excuse of I don’t have time does not exist anymore, NOR does the "I hate to exercise" retort…because believe it or not, after starting 7 Minute Workout you will actually LOVE to exercise and will LOOK FORWARD to it.

    Who can do it? Anybody…..

    – all ages

    – all shapes and sizes

    – all levels of fitness (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

    – all health issue levels

    The program is simple and effective, cost is very affordable, staff support and training is phenomenal, and the ongoing motivation and interest in your personal WELFARE and SUCCESS is excellent.

    7 Minute Workout promises not only to give you weight loss and physical fitness BUT it will give you flexibility, vitality, enjoyment and a feeling of WELL BEING and personal accomplishment. You will look better and feel better.

    The 7 Minute Workout created by Joel proves why short duration exercise increases the desire to workout. He has developed 2 successful network marketing businesses GVO & GVO Conference and is about to launch 7 Minute Workout as a home based business opportunity in a multimillion dollar marketing niche. You don’t want to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!

    Find out about this innovative home based business opportunity and begin your journey towards Better Health and Wealth http://www.7minuteworkout.com

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    • Weight Loss 06.03.2011 Comments Off on The Best Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan For Gym Goers

      If you are a gym enthusiast and are serious about sculpting your body, you know as well as I do that diet is the number one factor for obtaining washboard abs and a trim physique. Eating clean holds the promise of a fabulous body, loads of energy and peak health. If you are an animal lover and a fitness enthusiast, a vegetarian diet is the natural diet for you.

      What is the best vegetarian weight loss plan? To get you started on a healthy vegetarian diet for active people, the easiest and surest way to success is to follow well designed meal plans that are already all planned out for you and that contain all the nutrients required for optimum health and weight. These meal plans should be low calorie, low fat but high in protein.

      In my opinion, the best meal plans for active vegetarian or wannabe vegetarians are called Easy veggie meal plans. This weight loss plan is written by an award winning fitness trainer and takes all the guess work out of what to eat for a high protein, low calorie diet designed to make you lose any excess fat and sculpt your body in harmony with your routine at the gym.

      We all know how important protein is in building hot, rock hard shapely muscle. But is it possible to have high protein vegetarian foods that can be just as good maybe even better that meat and fowl? If so, what are the best sources of vegetarian protein?

      The best vegetarian weight loss plan includes lots of these top 10 sources of vegetarian protein, in a complete well balanced vegetarian diet:

      Number 1: Tempeh is the winner for top vegan protein, topping the chart at 41grams. Tempeh is made from soya beans just like tofu, but the beans are fermented much like cheese to create a totally different, chewier texture than tofu.

      Number 2: Seitan: also known as wheat meat or wheat gluten. Even though it comes from wheat, it is not a carb, it`s a protein. It contains 31 grams per 3 oz! It resembles meat in look and can be made to taste like all kinds of meats, fish and seafood.

      Number 3: Soya Beans are next up for most protein in a vegan food source. They have 29 grams in one cup. Edamame, baby soya beans are good as a snack or can be used in recipes in place of peas.

      Number 4: Lentils are the most practical, quick cooking and versatile bean. It helps that they are also delicious and contain lots of protein 18 grams per cup. Tons and tons of recipes are out there for lentils.

      Number 5: Black Beans At 15 grams per cup, black beans are a popular favourite in Mexican and Latin American food.

      Number 6: Kidney Beans and Veggie Burgers While kidney beans are most popular in chilli, they are also delicious mashed up and made into burgers. Veggie burgers are an awesome source of protein and are available in the great majority of restaurants nowadays.

      Number 7: Veggie Deli Slices These are so delicious, portable and tasty while packing in 15 grams per 4 slices which are really easy on the taste buds. From turkey taste to salami, pepperoni, deli slices to Montreal smoked meat in low fat cruelty free options. Available in all grocery stores in the produce aisle.

      Number 8: Chick peas At 12 grams per cup, these tasty beans are very flexible and can be found plentifully in Lebanese cuisine such as in hummus, falafels, roasted whole, in p?t?s or as tasty chickenless chicken salad.

      Number 9: Baked Beans and Pinto Beans Quick lunch when combined with veggie hot dogs, a portion of canned baked beans (the tomato sauce and maple syrup type are vegan) will add up to 22 grams of protein! The beans contain 12 grams of protein per cup. Pinto beans are popular in chillis, burritos and spicy Latino food.

      Number 10: Tofu and tofu products Tofu is THE most versatile vegetarian food. In my opinion, tofu does not get half the respect it deserves. Containing a significant amount of calcium, iron and 10 grams of protein, tofu is worth experimenting with.

      -By: Sophia Rodriguez

      Are you looking for an easy to follow protein centered vegetarian diet for active people?
      Get 7 Days of Free Vegetarian Meal Plans here at http://www.easyvegetarianweightloss.info
      Separate complete Meal Plans for Men and Women for optimum body sculpting and washboard abs.

      Check out my squidoo lens for more information on getting flat abs on a vegetarian diet: http://www.squidoo.com/flat-belly-meal-plan

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    • Weight Loss 31.12.2010 Comments Off on Detox Diet Examples – Find What is Best For You

      There are particular areas of the body one can focus on with their detox dieting, such as: liver cleanses, colon cleanses, blood and heart detox cleanses and so forth. There are plenty of detox teas and foods available in mainstream supermarkets. Once a person finds what they need to focus on and what particular taste or ingredients they like, it’s not hard to get into the habit of doing regular detox diets for all your meals and beverages.

      Detox Diet Recipe Staple Ingredients

      Many who are looking for home detox diet recipes may be seeking ingredients that can easily be found in the home. These can include lemons and lemon juice, Epsom salt, grapefruit, olive oil, and many other fruits, vegetables and herbs. If these natural and raw ingredients are not in your refrigerator or cupboard they can be bought readily from a farmers market or organic food store in most neighborhoods.

      Additional Additives

      A very popular program amongst all the detox recipes includes “green” additives, such as spinach, kale, alfalfa, chlorophyll, and blue-green algae. These are good for overall optimum health and aren’t too costly to acquire. It is important always to keep a lot of fresh, raw fruits and veggies in the diet regularly to promote the liver and kidneys. This will effectively begin the flushing of your system during the detoxification process.

      Protein and Other Meat Components

      Other acceptable and suggested components of these detox recipes include: nuts, fish, brown rice, whole grains, and anything that acts as an alimentary flush of the system. No processed foods are allowed, and meat is generally discouraged. Other toxins to avoid include sweets, chocolate, alcohol, and caffeine. Be aware that some detox recipes call for certain teas and coffee but these beverages do not include caffeine. Decaffeinated herbal teas are always an acceptable part of detox diet recipes. These drinks are effective not only for purposes of detoxification, but for relaxation as well.

      Trial and Error to Discover What Works Best For You

      Finding the perfect recipes for detox diets is a crucial step to an effective detoxification plan because most detox diets require one full week of nutrient-rich foods. If you do not enjoy the foods you need to eat to properly detoxify, than you will likely find excuses to “cheat” on your diet. By using your creativity in the kitchen, you can easily produce delicious recipes for detox diets that will have you craving them long after your diet has ended.

      -By: Frank Shepard

      Frank Shepard is a prominent voice and writer about natural, healthy options of body detox and detox diets.

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    • Weight Loss 14.12.2010 Comments Off on Optimum Health

      Most of us want to be healthy and fit. We just don’t know exactly how to go about getting to the point of being fit. I have some ideas I’d like to share with you.

      What is healthy and fit? I think this includes three separate areas. Body; dealing with heart, lungs, stomach, liver, muscles, etc. Mind; dealing with how we think, feel, and how we deal with life. Finally the spirit; who we are, who we perceive ourselves to be, the core and root to being fit. Optimum fitness includes all three areas, body, mind, spirit.

      Let’s talk about the body. In order to get the body fit we must exercise. Every muscle of the body, including heart, lungs, etc., need to be worked on a consistent basis. All muscle and tissue of the body need to be nourished properly in order to perform optimally. Where does this nourishment come from? Mostly from what we take in or eat. Unfortunately most of what is available to us is so full of toxins and totally lacking in nutritional value, we have to eat more to even come close to the nourishment our bodies crave. This said, we in America are still walking around malnourished. What can we do about this? One thing I suggest is to eat as much organic foods as you are able. The organic foods don’t have the toxins of processed food, and have more of the nutrients the body requires to maintain itself. Eat mostly vegetables and fruits in the raw state.

      Cooking most always destroys many nutrients and the food becomes useless to the body. We are designed to be grazers. So eating 5, 6,7 times a day keeps the body with plenty to work with and keep itself nourished. The largest meal of the day should be breakfast and the smallest of course should be dinner. Don’t want to leave a bunch of work for the stomach to do while the the body is resting. Stay away from any and all drugs. To many complications occur from their use. I would much rather get what I need naturally. Stay away from stress. This is one thing that will cause your body to become acidic. Having an acidic pH can cause all kinds of havoc in your body. Kevin Trudeau in his book “NATURAL CURES ‘THEY’ DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT”, says “cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment”. The more acidic your body becomes, the more susceptible to disease and cancer you become. There is much more to be said but I will not go into it in this short article.

      Now the mind. Without a healthy mind we cannot have a healthy body. How we think dictates how we feel, what we can accomplish, how healthy we are, and how we live our lives. Just like the book ” Think and grow rich”, I think you can ‘think and get healthy’. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. Our thoughts also dictate what we say and our words create our “world”, or life. I know as a powerlifter when I was just starting out I had a problem with squatting 400lbs. I had a good partner who “spotted” me properly and I made it over that barrier, and within about 3 weeks I doubled 475. The problem wasn’t in my muscles. Obviously my muscles could handle the weight. It was in my mind. With my “spotter” I was able to convince my mind I could do it. So when you are training, you are not only training muscles, but you are also training your mind.

      Now, the spirit. Without a healthy spirit we cannot have a healthy mind. The spirit needs nourishment just like the mind and body. The spirit is who you are. The way you think makes you the way you are but who you are is spirit. This also needs training in order to achieve optimum health. There are many books that deal with this, but the one I recommend is the Bible. It deals directly with the spirit of man and can give insight as to how and why this exists, what nourishment it needs and how to provide the nourishment.

      My goal is for you to achieve optimum health, body, mind, and spirit. I hope my thoughts have been helpful to you in achieving optimum health.

      -By: Charles Jerde

      I am dedicated to your health and fitness, body mind and spirit.

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