• I feel like I am at my wits end with trying to feed my family. Everything in the store is processed. If I buy from a can, it's pumped with gases. My salads and ...

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    • Weight Loss 06.04.2011 Comments Off on Staying Healthy and Losing Weight With Exercise

      Need to lose weight and want to keep it off? This is one of the hardest things you will have to do. Can you lose weight and keep it off. Well unfortunately the odds are against you in succeeding. Most likely if you have to lose only a few pounds such as 10 or 20 pounds you will be able to meet this goal on almost any diet by accident. You most likely will not keep it off and will again someday need or want to take it off again. The so-called yo-yo effect.

      There are a couple of things you need to do to stay trim and healthy. The major thing you need to do is to stay active and if you are not active its time to start. You can ride a bike or take a walk but do something and this will help in your weight loss program. Your body needs to be active and on an ongoing basis. Do not be afraid to take the stairs or the bus and walk to work this will help you increase your exercise and help you lose or maintain your weight. Exercise is one of the easiest things to control or change to make any diet work. Get in a daily routine and stick to it. Do your exercises first thing in the morning and then eat after a period of time. Never eat right after you work out.

      Change your shopping habits. Never go shopping on the spur of the moment. Always sit down and plan your meals and the food you need. This takes time the first couple of times you do this but you will eventually get the hang of it and it will become second nature to you. Never go to the store without a list. Stick to the list and do not waver from the list. The only leeway I allow myself is in the meat and fish department. If there is a sale I will stock up and freeze the food until I need it. Unfortunately dieting may not be rocket science but it can be almost as expensive as the rocket. You need to find new ways in which you cook and serve fruits and vegetables. Do not be afraid to try new recipes or new fruits and vegetables. Learn to enjoy salads and the different types and sauces that you can make in a matter of seconds.

      When shopping get in the habit of checking the labels. Beware of the tricks used in the labels and what they mean. Most labels are correct and simple to read but always check the number of servings the container has inside the package that you are purchasing. Most packages contain more than one serving so do not be fooled by the package stating it only 40 or 50 calories and yet there are 5 servings in that package. Learn to look for foods that are healthy and have a variety of fiber and other nutrients. Now remember there is no label on fruits and vegetables because they are generally very healthy for you.

      So now that you have three tips in the fight of the bulge hopefully they will help you understand the importance of exercise and planning in your diet plan. Do not give up but get smarter and learn how your body interacts with food and how different exercises help you burn of the fat.

      -By: John Bito

      Download my free Report Understanding Diets and Your Body and for a short time get a Free Bonus report on your Abs, get both here: Choosingabetterdiet.com

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    • Weight Loss 26.02.2011 Comments Off on Healthy Dieting is Essential For Weight Loss Success

      Healthy dieting is essential if long term weight loss success is required. Many people long for rapid weight loss which whilst understandable, should be avoided at all costs. If you consider that any weight gain has happened systematically over the years in small amounts and suddenly when the stark realization hits that your favorite clothes no longer fits or you dread stepping onto the scales, the weight gain might be considerable and you have to decide just how you are going to lose that weight. Healthy dieting means working with your body and not against it by pushing it into starvation mode, healthy dieting means really considering the food types that you should eat and reduce those foods that help to pile on the pounds.

      Ideally, your healthy dieting regime should help you to lose 2 or 3 pounds a week and this is a safe and consistent amount to lose. This might not seem much but it is the best way of reducing your weight whilst ensuring you do not enter into a yo-yo dieting cycle. It also means that your weight loss is more effective long term because you are less likely to regain the weight once you have an established healthy eating program.

      If a healthy eating program sounds a good choice for you then consider the following points:

      1. Before you start your diet properly, take time to plan out some low fat but healthy recipes that will satisfy your hunger pangs but make sure that they are still appealing. No one wants to live off salads constantly and the more you learn about your nutritional needs, the more you will naturally aim for meals that will provide you with plenty of vitality.

      2. If you are constantly juggling time, then cook some meals in advance and freeze them until you need them, this will help you avoid the need for sugary snacks.

      3. Reducing the food you eat works well but couple that with some additional exercise and you will be toning and trimming your body whilst losing weight.

      4. If you are not too keen on eating fruit, then make up your own smoothies with some fresh fruit and some low fat yoghurt. These are great for when you need some natural sugar throughout the day.

      5. It is important to stay motivated so as to keep your diet on track. Eating healthily will ensure you have sufficient nutritional needs but remember to boost motivation by way of visual prompts, perhaps keep a photo of yourself on display but make sure it’s a photo that encourages you to keep going with your healthy eating regime.

      Healthy eating can be done on an individual level but it can also be useful to aid the support from others and lose weight together. Remember that healthy dieting encompasses a mind, body and spirit approach so your emotional needs should be considered as well as the physical ones.

      -By: Kevin E Graham

      Kevin Graham serves as the Managing Director at Empower Me Photo. Empower Me Photo provides tools to help those seeking to stay on their diet or exercise program over the long run – by showing how you are going to look AFTER you lose the weight.

      You will be amazed at how you are going to look – and your empowering photo can be in your hand as quickly as tomorrow. And you will be inspired, motivated, and yes, EMPOWERED, to stay on your program over the long run.

      You are welcome to download our free 7 Secrets to Visualize Your Future using the world’s best weight loss tool.

      Our Weight Loss Success Stories [http://www.empowermephoto.com/success-stories] are impressive.

      Let The Vision Empower You!

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    • Weight watchers do prefer their own recipes which help them to lose weight more quickly. The recipes that are preferred by weight watchers and also good for those people who would like to take up a weight loss seriously is popularly known as weight watcher recipes. There are hundreds of weight watcher recipes available for people.

      The weight watchers recipes can be customized according to the case of the person who would like to lose weight. Also if a person does not like a particular weight watcher recipe then he can get it modified with the help of a dietician. The dietician can suggest a suitable alternative weight watcher recipe.

      Most of the weight watcher recipes stress on a few basic rules that we will discuss here. Every weight watcher recipe stresses that you should not starve yourself to lose weight. In fact people who starve themselves to lose weight are more likely to gain weight quickly in the future. Also it is necessary to chew food properly even if you are following a weight watchers recipe. If the food is not chewed properly then the nutrients of the food are not absorbed properly in the body. Also it is necessary to eat whole wheat bread which has fewer carbohydrates. Weight watcher recipes also recommend that you have less of sugary foods like pastries, confectionaries and other desserts like ice creams. You can reward yourself with a dessert once a week. Also it is necessary to drink plenty of water as water improves blood circulation and also removes impurities and toxins in the body.

      Weight watcher recipes recommend eating more of fresh fruits, vegetables (preferably raw) and various salads. These food items not only supply your body the required vitamins but also help your body lose weight more quickly. Weight watcher recipes advise you to cut down on your intake of alcohol and high calorie foods. Alcohol, high calorie foods, oily foods and fatty foods are the major culprits for excess weight. You can supplement your weight watchers recipes

      Weight watcher recipes advise people to have small meals at fixed times in a day. Also it is necessary not to have anything in between meals. Also it is necessary to sleep only about 7-8 hours a day and not more than that. Along with weight watcher recipes it is very much necessary to do your exercise regime as well. This is because a proper combination diet and exercise will help you to lose weight more quickly.

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    • So are you obese and everyone is making fun of you behind your back instead of giving you weight loss tips? Or is it that because of your obesity you are suffering from disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, gout problems and gall bladder problems. If this is the case then you need a few weight loss tips. The following weight loss tips will help you a lot in following a direction in losing your weight.

      The first and the foremost weight loss tip is that you should be immensely motivated to lose weight. Do not believe in people who promise to give you weight loss tips thatll help you to lose enormous weights in a matter of a few days. I can promise you that these weight loss tips will do no more than harm your body. Remember, losing weight is a mind game where many people have bogged down in a few weeks because they did not follow the weight loss tips properly or were given incorrect weight loss tips. Also it is necessary to set realistic goals once you have the weight loss tips. Goals that you can achieve successfully. Many people starve themselves in order to lose quickly. But starving oneself can do more harm as you tend to gain weight quickly afterwards.

      A perfect combination of diet and exercise is one of the best weight loss tips that you can ever give someone. Another weight loss tip is that you should avoid fatty, high sugar and oily foods at all costs. This is because these types of foods are the main culprits in building up fat in your body which becomes difficult to burn later. Do eat more of raw vegetables, fresh fruits and salads that are low in fat but high in nutrition value is one of the other most common and easy to follow weight loss tip. Also avoid alcohol and fruit juices high in sugar at all costs. In case of best weight loss tips regarding exercises one should start with light cardiovascular exercises lie stationary cycle, walking and running and then move on to heavier exercises like weight training and weight lifting. Exercising builds up your bodys metabolism and helps to keep your body in shape. Exercise also helps you to burn the fat in your body and improves the bodys resistance to diseases.

      Another best weight loss tip that I can think of is that you should follow a particular weight loss program recommended by your dietician. A weight loss program mentions what you should have everyday in the week and provides you with weekly weight loss tips. The weight loss program should be repeated at the beginning of another week. Your dietician might include a set of exercises to be done by you everyday in the weight loss program.

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