• 7 Minute Workout…..that’s an oxymoron isn’t it?

    I mean how is this possible?

    Best of all it really WORKS!

    This unique innovative exercise and weight loss system is the brainchild of Joel Therien and co-founder Chris Reid. It is called 7 Minute Workout and is taking the Fitness and Weight Loss Industry by storm. It is FUN and EASY and ultimately you only workout for 7 Minute Workout a day-3x per week. That in itself is unheard of and the fact that it WORKS makes it even more amazing and unusual.

    Both Joel and Chris have been using this system for the past 20+ years while they were both competitive athletes in World Class competition.

    Joel Therien – was a very successful Body Building athlete in World competition.


    Chris Reid – won the World Power Breaking Champion in Tae Kwon-Do in 2004.

    Chris Reid Breaking Stuff…

    They lived and breathed this system and become products of this system of training and weight control. It catapulted them into successful competitive World class athletes and they have adhered to this program ever since they left the circuit and continued on with their careers.

    The program has a proven track record and has been tested for a number of years and shows quantifiable results which will "rock" the foundation and myths of the traditional style and methods now being adhered to by the Fitness Industry. 7 Minute Workout is dedicated in pursuing and attaining optimum health as a Worldwide mantra and is bringing this tried and true system to HELP in the fight against obesity and lifestyle excesses.

    Through this exciting program anyone can become the BEST THEY CAN BE! After all everybody can find 7 Minute Workout during the day to exercise and increase their strength and stamina. The age old excuse of I don’t have time does not exist anymore, NOR does the "I hate to exercise" retort…because believe it or not, after starting 7 Minute Workout you will actually LOVE to exercise and will LOOK FORWARD to it.

    Who can do it? Anybody…..

    – all ages

    – all shapes and sizes

    – all levels of fitness (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

    – all health issue levels

    The program is simple and effective, cost is very affordable, staff support and training is phenomenal, and the ongoing motivation and interest in your personal WELFARE and SUCCESS is excellent.

    7 Minute Workout promises not only to give you weight loss and physical fitness BUT it will give you flexibility, vitality, enjoyment and a feeling of WELL BEING and personal accomplishment. You will look better and feel better.

    The 7 Minute Workout created by Joel proves why short duration exercise increases the desire to workout. He has developed 2 successful network marketing businesses GVO & GVO Conference and is about to launch 7 Minute Workout as a home based business opportunity in a multimillion dollar marketing niche. You don’t want to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!

    Find out about this innovative home based business opportunity and begin your journey towards Better Health and Wealth http://www.7minuteworkout.com

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    • When they told me about this last month, I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t go. But my friend Eddie did… Holy frick! (Pardon my French, I am pretty dad-gummed amazed) . He had set a goal of losing somewhere around 100 pounds this year, but had failed miserably up until last month.

      “Have you seen the guy who lives here?”

      I went over to Eddie’s place yeterday and I saw someone in the yard mowing the grass, when I pulled around to the back of his house.  I knocked and nobody answered. Dang. I really needed to talk to Eddie, so I went around to the front yard and asked the guy mowing, “Hey, have you seen the guy who lives here?”

      “What are you talking about? This is me!” said the guy, when I saw from his facial features that he really was Eddie! But he looked like a much smaller Eddie!

      “What the heck happened to you?” I blurted out before I could stop myself. Eddie had me follow him into the house. He opened up his laptop, then he opened up a report and he let me read it while he went outside and turned off his lawn mower.

      You can download this Fastest Weight Loss Report here.

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    • When you travel, it can be really fun to visit restaurants and sample the local fare.  Each location is known for something especially yummy and when you travel with friends or associates.  Eating at these places can totally wreck your diet, because of the tendency to overdeliver by most restaurants.

      Hard To Stop

      When sampling something that really tantalizes your tastebuds, it is hard to put down the fork until the last bite is gone.  The better something tastes, the faster I tend to eat.  I want to take a forkful of each of the different flavors in succession and mix and match.  Before I realize what I have done, my plate is clean. And my stomach feels like it is about to explode!

      Higher Fat Content

      Most exotic and ethnic restaurants tend to use more oils and fats in their creations.  They are going for a taste experience, not low fat and low calories.  So if you are watching your fat and calories, these places will be dangerous!  But oh, so delicious!

      Distracted Eating

      When I am out with friends, the dinner conversation is always fun and inspiring.  We plan our goals for the future, discuss past successes and opportunities or tell stories.  When participating in active dinner conversation or watching a show at a dinner theater, it is easy for me to lose focus on my dining and eat more than I would normally, because of the distractions.

      What To Do?

      If you are using the mini-workouts that Zna teaches at Body By Zna, you are able to burn off the extra calories quickly and easily!   With Zna’s tutelage, I can keep myself in better shape, even when things get hectic.  Click here to listen to the call on Saturday morning that will show you a sample of the workouts that you can do to help increase oxygen to your cells for revitalizing energy, extreme calorie burn and massive muscle building without having to spend hours a day working out!

      Here’s to great food while looking your best and feeling even better!

      Micheal Savoie

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    • Meet Jenny Brown, current client: A size 14-16 since her teens, NOW a SIZE 6!

      In a message dated 2/11/2008 6:48:46 A.M. Hawaiian Standard Time Jenny Brown

      “Hi Zna!

      I wanted to let you know that I am still doing the exercises and I am down from a size 16 to a size 8!!! I started working out with you in May and the weight is still coming off as I do the exercises. I am feeling better than I ever have in my life. I get so many compliments on a daily basis with people telling me I look great and asking me what I am doing. I always refer them to your website and tell them about you. I never thought I would be in a size 8. Even in High School I was not. Better by the decade really is possible!! I am so appreciative to you for the things I learned from you that have helped me to achieve my best body ever!!! Thank you, thank you!!

      Jenny Brown”

      In a message dated 3/31/2008 12:30:12 P.M. Hawaiian Standard Time, Jenny Brown writes:


      Thank you! I am doing really well. I have been calling in the mornings and working out. I am down to a size 6. 🙂 I am loving it!! Thanks for all you do!! You have an amazing powerful program!


       Want to experience this kind of success?  You can get 5 weeks instead of 4 weeks if you use “Micheal Savoie” as the referred by reference!

      Just go to http://fastestfatburn.com and get the free 4 (you will get 5 if you use my name) week access to Zna and her awesome classes!

      I will have more testimonials as I can get them up.  Zna has them all the way back to 1981!  We have a lot of scanning to do…lol!

      Have an amazing day!

      Micheal Savoie

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    • Welcome to Best Weight Loss Guide!  I have two different guides available for sale at http://bestweightlossguide.com/workout and http://bestweightlossguide.com/yoga

      But while those are for helping me keep this blog going, I want you to listen to the great trainer that I have found who really is the Best Weight Loss Guide.  Her name is Zna and she will guide you through some amazing transformations in your life!

      I am anticipating the start of my own training with Zna, and I will be giving you all of the info as I get it!

      Have an amazing day!

      Micheal Savoie

      PS – Get 4 weeks of free calls with Zna at http://fastestfatburn.com (get a 5th week free if you include my name – Micheal Savoie – in the referral box).

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