How much is your health worth? Is it worth taking 7 Minutes A Day 3 times a week to work out?

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    • When starting a new workout routine, you want to do something that burns calories, increases your metabolism and works your muscles to tone them. I did a quick search on Google to see what people are doing for 7 Minute Workouts.

      Remember, though, that you can do 7 Minute Workouts that are effective and designed for your level of training. If you can’t do a pushup, they have a plan for that. If you are a 75 pushup person, they have a plan for that.


      Check them out: http://bestweightlossguide.com/go/7minworkout/

      Weight Loss In 7 Minutes Online:


      Burn Belly Fat – 7 Minute Home Workout – Hammer Says Lose Weight

      This one looks way too hard for a beginner… in fact, the guy with her is done after 4 minutes. He could have benefitted from our tailored workout!

      Publish Date: 08/25/2011 17:00


      Melt Away Pounds: 7minute Bootcamp Workout For Busy Women

      Again, this one does not look like a beginner would be comfortable doing this for 30 days. A more advanced person could do this, but if they are more advanced, they probably don’t have that much weight to lose…

      Melt away pounds with this 7 minute bootcamp workout that will blast fat and tone your whole body.

      Publish Date: 09/02/2011 1:00



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      • “WHAT’S IN IT???”

        For the last two days I’ve been telling you about Vince
        DelMonte’s Muscle Building Program.

        Bessie told me I should let you know that this is not
        only for skinny twerps, but those of you who are here
        to learn how to lose weight, too!

        Vince will help you lose weight! Check it out!


        MANY of you have grabbed your copy.

        Congratulations! You’re learning secrets found no where else to
        put on the muscle FAST, even if nothing has ever worked for you

        One skeptic (there’s always one in every crowd, right?) said he
        had read ALL of the reviews and ALL of the testimonials and now
        wants to know “WHAT’S IN THE PROGRAM???”

        (His all caps, not mine.)

        Dude, stop shouting, okay?

        I’ll tell you what’s in it right now, starting with…

        –The tactics that will turn you from “little guy” to “pumped up
        gorgeous guy with all the muscles” that everyone in the gym
        stares at in awe…

        –The #1 most critical muscle building secret you CANNOT grow

        –The top 9 little known anabolic secrets for hyper-drive muscle

        –How to gain 10 pounds of muscle in just 2 weeks…

        –How to absolutely optimize 7 of your body’s most powerful
        muscle growth and fat burning hormones…

        –Every detail of Vince’s closely guarded 52 week weight training

        –The insider secrets about supplements… sorry, but you’ve been
        getting scammed BIG time!

        –The most highly guarded muscle building ingredient of all

        –How to never waste another workout in your life…

        –Finally, the truth about training to failure – is it necessary
        or are you actually digging your own grave?

        –What you’ve been doing wrong that has your testosterone levels
        dropping like a rock…

        –The simple formula to measure your workout intensity.  With
        this alone, others will think you’re a professional trainer!

        –The one tip to use in your next workout that guarantees muscle
        growth just 4 days from now…

        –How to completely eliminate training plateaus…

        –How to wake up more muscle fibers than ever before… Don’t get
        scared if your skin feels like it’s going to rip!

        –How to skyrocket your Testosterone levels – Take your
        muscularity to a new level, crank up your sex drive, improve your
        recovery and look like a REAL man!

        –The BEST training technique ever discovered…

        –How to start waking up to new layers of explosive muscle

        –The hidden rules of the supplement industry – Not only are you
        being ripped off, you’re also jeopardizing your strength gains
        and being made a fool of!

        –The absolute crap they teach you in the gym – ignore this
        nonsense and gain an unfair advantage…

        –The #1 principle associated with fat burning…

        And so much more!

        Your energy levels will skyrocket…

        Your confidence will soar….

        Your body will transform right before your eyes…

        …When you get Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building!



        P.S. You get ONE life.

        Do you really want to go through it as a skinny twerp???


        Disclaimer: This website is paid commissions for sales of any product purchased via links clicked within it, including the above product.

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      • Yesterday we were talking about the ONE program that blows the
        lid off the muscle building industry to reveal the TRUTH about
        how ANYONE can have a ripped, muscular body in no time at all.

        The credibility of both the author and the system is through the

        …just look at all the testimonials!


        Yet some of my readers took offense at the possibility that
        spending hours each day in a gym and wasting a fortune on pills
        and powders is NOT the way to get a muscular body.

        Here are some of their questions…

        Q. “If supplements don’t work at building muscle, why do the
        experts say they do?”

        A. Most of the “experts” you’re referring to write for the muscle
        magazines, and they get PAID by the muscle magazines.

        So why do the muscle magazines care about pushing pills, liquids
        and powders on you?

        Because they OWN the pills, liquids and powders, that’s why!

        -Muscle Mag is owned by Muscle Tech.

        -Iron Man is owned by Muscle Linc.

        -Muscle Media is owned by EAS.

        -Muscle Development is owned by TwinLab.

        And the big daddy of them all, Weider Enterprises, owns…

        -Muscle And Fitness



        Basically…the guys who give glowing reviews about the money-
        wasting junk… work for the companies who make the money-wasting

        Q. “Who is Vince DelMonte and why should I believe he knows what
        he’s talking about?”

        A. Vince DelMonte is considered by many to be the world’s top
        skinny guy muscle building coach and author.

        Vince transformed his own scrawny body from 149 pounds to 190
        pounds in a span of six months, and was featured in Maximum
        Fitness and many other online and offline magazines.

        In 2005, he won the Canadian Fitness Model Championships.

        I could go on about what a sought-after speaker and author he is,
        blah blah blah. Instead, go to


        …and read the many expert reviews you’ll find there, along with
        tons of testimonials from people who have actually used Vince’s

        Q. “I don’t want to join a gym!”

        A. You don’t have to. The program includes an exercise database
        that has over 100 animated exercises.

        No matter how little equipment you have at home – Vince has
        provided an exercise substitute for every exercise that you would
        use in the gym.

        Q. “This is steroids, right??”

        A. Wrong. No steroids. No pills, no potions, no magic liquid
        muscle goop or any of that crap.

        This is 100% all NATURAL.


        Q. “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working out!”

        A. You won’t. Using this exact same system, Vince gained 41
        pounds of solid-steel muscle in 24 weeks, while spending only 3
        hours in the gym each week.

        NOT 3 hours each DAY, 3 hours each WEEK.

        Q. “I’m skeptical. Convince me!”

        A. Look, if you’ve read the ENTIRE page at…


        …including all the reviews, testimonials, before and after
        photos and facts, bullets, etc., and you STILL need convincing,
        then… Sorry!

        You’re most likely doomed to a life of being the skinny guy.

        If, on the other hand, you’re willing to learn and implement what
        you learn into your training, then grab Vince’s system today, and
        get all the bonuses, too.

        Then, if for ANY reason you’re not happy, you’ve got eight weeks
        to use the guarantee.

        Take action = get ripped.

        Do nothing = no change.




        P.S. Speaking of bonuses, have you seen them?

        I mean have you SEEN THEM???

        Okay, yes, I’m a little excited here…

        Go check out the bonuses to find out why…


        Disclaimer: This website is paid commissions for sales of any product purchased via links clicked within it, including the above product.

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      • “Hey you, skinny pip-squeak! I’m talking to YOU!!!”

        Ooooh, I hated to be called that!

        But in high school, not matter what I tried, I could never seem
        to put on any muscle.

        And the big beefy football guys never let me forget it, either!

        So I completely understand what Vince (Skinny Vinny) DelMonte
        went through when he weighed a measly 149 pounds soaking wet.

        Click here to see his photo as a scrawny twerp…


        Don’t worry if you are here to lose pounds of blubber,
        this will apply to you, too, because it is ALL a HUGE
        (no pun intended) conspiracy to keep Fat People Fat
        and skinny people skinny…

        Read about it here:


        …and see his photo now that he weighs a muscular 190 pounds.

        What a mind-blowing difference!

        And ladies, there’s a link near the top of the page for you, too.

        See what happened to a twiggy underfed model when she followed
        Vince’s advice and put on 10 pounds of pure muscle in just 3

        …WOW! She’s gorgeous now!

        Look, skinny is probably better than fat, but not by much.

        Who wants to date you or even look at you if you’re just a bunch
        of twigs and skin?

        Women want guys who are ripped.

        And ladies, contrary to what the fashion mags tell you, guys DO
        want to see some sexy curves on your body, not just skin and
        bones. Yuck!

        Whether you’re underweight or overweight, if you have trouble
        packing on the muscles, I’ve got great news for you.

        I’ve found the same training program that has helped hundreds of
        skinny hard gainers – JUST LIKE YOU.

        And if you happen to be chubby, you’ll see how this will work for
        you like never before, and with no restrictive dieting.

        This is the killer step-by-step muscle building system for people
        who have tried everything else and still can’t gain clear,
        defined, eye-popping muscle mass.

        As you can imagine, when you’ve got muscle, you
        -look better,
        -feel better,
        -have more stamina,
        -can eat more without gaining weight, and
        -you look and feel HEALTHY and VIBRANT…

        …instead of looking like a refugee from some poverty-stricken

        …or a blob that just rolled off the couch (sorry!).

        So HOW do you get those muscles?

        For some people, it seems just about impossible. You follow
        everything the fitness magazines tell you, take all the
        supplements, and look the same as when you started.

        But now you can almost instantly add massive amounts of rock-hard
        muscle to your frame…

        ….even if you’re not genetically gifted…

        …and even if you’ve tried everything else and failed.

        And you can do it with no dangerous steroids…

        …which means your body is getting shredded the NATURAL way.

        And you can do it with no expensive supplements…

        …which means you still have money in your pocket to spend on
        all those women who are suddenly giving you attention.

        And you can do it with no long hours at the gym.

        You work out LESS and achieve MORE, meaning you can live your
        life as you choose, instead of living at the gym.


        One thing you’ll notice about this site is the TESTIMONIALS.

        I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this many glowing reviews from
        experts and testimonials from “Average Joes” on one page.

        Vince’s program obviously flat out WORKS!

        This is the same system Vince used to defeat the worst “skinny
        genetics” in the world and pack on 41 pounds of rock-hard
        granite-like muscle in just under 24 weeks.

        It’s the same system that earned him first place at the Canadian
        Fitness Model Championships in Windsor, Ontario, in November

        And it’s the same system that brought Vince international
        notoriety in Maximum Fitness and has made him a regular
        contributor to Men’s Fitness magazine.

        Really, need I say more?


        P.S. Don’t miss Vince’s 3 Dirty Little Lies revealed on that

        And fair warning… you may get PO’d to the max when you read

        …and rightly so!


        Disclaimer: This website is paid commissions for sales of any product purchased via links clicked within it, including the above product.

        You now can buy diltiazem

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