• When you travel, it can be really fun to visit restaurants and sample the local fare.  Each location is known for something especially yummy and when you travel with friends or associates.  Eating at these places can totally wreck your diet, because of the tendency to overdeliver by most restaurants.

    Hard To Stop

    When sampling something that really tantalizes your tastebuds, it is hard to put down the fork until the last bite is gone.  The better something tastes, the faster I tend to eat.  I want to take a forkful of each of the different flavors in succession and mix and match.  Before I realize what I have done, my plate is clean. And my stomach feels like it is about to explode!

    Higher Fat Content

    Most exotic and ethnic restaurants tend to use more oils and fats in their creations.  They are going for a taste experience, not low fat and low calories.  So if you are watching your fat and calories, these places will be dangerous!  But oh, so delicious!

    Distracted Eating

    When I am out with friends, the dinner conversation is always fun and inspiring.  We plan our goals for the future, discuss past successes and opportunities or tell stories.  When participating in active dinner conversation or watching a show at a dinner theater, it is easy for me to lose focus on my dining and eat more than I would normally, because of the distractions.

    What To Do?

    If you are using the mini-workouts that Zna teaches at Body By Zna, you are able to burn off the extra calories quickly and easily!   With Zna’s tutelage, I can keep myself in better shape, even when things get hectic.  Click here to listen to the call on Saturday morning that will show you a sample of the workouts that you can do to help increase oxygen to your cells for revitalizing energy, extreme calorie burn and massive muscle building without having to spend hours a day working out!

    Here’s to great food while looking your best and feeling even better!

    Micheal Savoie

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