• Weight Loss 28.02.2011 Comments Off on Make Lentils Your Weight Loss Secret Weapon – Top Ten Ways You Benefit

    Searching for the perfect food in your weight loss plan? Tired of the same old same old? If you’ve eaten your last lettuce salad, your willpower is crumbling, and you’re longing for a burger for lunch, look no further than the humble lentil.

    A disc-shaped legume and a dietary chameleon, lentils provide taste, nutrition, and variety.

    An ancient food, lentils originated in central Asia as one of the earliest cultivated foods. The Bible tells us that Esau traded his birthright away to his brother, Jacob, for a humble meal of lentils.

    Lentils find their way onto tables the world over as a staple in Indian homes and a common meat substitute in Catholic countries during Lent.

    While many varieties exist, the brown lentil commonly lines American grocery store shelves.

    Let’s add up the benefits of lentils.

    1. Low in calories, fat, and cholesterol
    2. A dieter’s dream, lentils contain 230 calories, 0.4 grams of fat, and 0 grams of cholesterol per one-cup serving.

    3. High in protein, iron, and many other nutrients
    4. In a single one-cup serving, lentils contain 7.8 grams fiber, 9 grams protein, and 6.59 mg.

    5. Cook easily and quickly
    6. Unlike beans, lentils require no presoaking or overnight soaking. As a rule of thumb, use 1-1/2 cups of water to 1 cups of lentils. Approximately 20-30 minutes cooking time will suffice. Simply boil on the stove top or in the microwave.

    7. Inexpensive
    8. Starving college students take note! A one-pound package of lentils almost always costs less than one dollar, and usually less than 70 cents. Scout the lower shelves where grocers “hide” low-cost products.

    9. Adapt to many types of recipes
    10. Lentils work well in soups, salads, and side dishes. Tired of noodles and spaghetti? Lentils substitute well for pasta. Or a try a comforting bean and lentil chili. Lentils serve warm in soups or cold in salads. The mild, slightly nutty flavor tastes delicious on its own and doesn’t overpower other foods.

    11. Readily available in regular grocery stores
    12. No need to go to an out-of-the-way health food store or ethnic store. Look in the dried bean section of any grocery store.

    13. Don’t require a specific diet plan
    14. You don’t need a complicated recipe or extensive menu. A simple soup with a ham bone, a bit of leftover roast beef, or a carrot and potato addition makes a great meal.

    15. Don’t spoil easily
    16. Lentils last up to a year and need no refrigeration until cooked, so go ahead and stock up! The cooked lentils freeze well, too.

    17. Stretch meat
    18. Add a cup of cooked lentils to hamburgers, sloppy joes, or meatloaf to cut cost, lower calories, and stretch your food dollar.

    19. Great for diabetics
    20. Their high-fiber content works to prevent blood sugar from rising following a meal.

    A quick search in any book store or on-line yields many recipes or adapt a favorite of your own. Switch out meat or just substitute half.

    Add lentils to your weight loss plan and watch pounds disappear, your health improve, and your budget stay in the black.

    -By: Kathy Ferneau

    Looking for diet and weight loss tips? http://www.lose-weight-diets.com

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  • Weight Loss 28.02.2011 Comments Off on A Healthy Diet Equals A Healthy Weight Loss – Start Now With Fantastic Fall Food And Exercise

    Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It is my favorite time of year. Fall is when the air is getting in Ynippy and the leaves are turning into their beautiful array of colors. I love to take my dogs and just go walking. Fall is such a great time to start your health and fitness plan. After all, it’s a good time for exercising…such as walking. There are wonderful local vegetables and fruits. Fall is a perfect time to start a healthy diet, which of course leads to healthy weight loss.

    Tip: Organic foods have shown to contain more cancer fighting antioxidants. Pesticides used on normal foods may interfere with the growth of antioxidants.

    Tip: Obese pregnant moms can expect their babies to have a greater risk of heart abnormalities. Tip: Love those fall pies…use Splenda. You can cook and bake with it.

    Tip: Try finding a park or conservation area with hills. Look for one close to where you live and make a habit of going there 2-3 times a week. Hill walking is just great exercise and you have the bonus of the fall scenery to go along with the walking. Of course if you have dogs, that makes it even better yet.

    Here are some more tips for walking your way to a healthy weight loss. Get off the bus one stop before your destination. – walk up the stairs – walk to the store if you are going for something small – get a pedometer. They are not expensive and they will help you keep track of your progress

    Fall Harvest of Fruit Eat fruit that is harvested OUR locality. Apples Bananas Clementines Cranberries Grapes Grapefruit Kiwi Kumquat Oranges Pears Persimmons Pomegranates Quinces Satsuma Mandarin Oranges Tangerines

    Do not forget “apple a day keeps the doctor away” Try out the many varieties of apples available. -Macintosh – this apple is best for eating -Empire – great for baking -Cortland – an all around apple, use for both eating and baking -Granny Smith — use for both eating and baking -Fuji — use for both eating and baking -Red Delicious – a tasty eating apple -Golden Delicious — use for both eating and baking -Lady apples – try poaching this apple

    Local Harvest of Vegetables Again, use local harvested foods. Avocados Beans Beets Bok Choy Broccoli Broccoli Rabe Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Celery Root (Celeriac) Chestnuts Collards Garlic Jerusalem Artichokes Kale Leeks Lettuce Parsnips Pumpkin Rutabaga Salsify Snow Peas Spinach Squash (Winter) Sweet Potatoes Swiss Chard Turnips Watercress

    All you need to do is type the name of the vegetable or fruit and the word “recipe” into the google bar, and “voila”, you have your choice of recipes. Pick a healthy recipe and you are on your way.

    -By: Ruth Bird

    Ruth is actively involved with the internet and she finds it very exciting. Her passions are people and pet health. She is a wife, a stepmom a dog owner and a business person. She is married for almost 30 years to Chris who has been, and still is, battling the monster MS. Two of her dogs are Certified Therapy Dogs. She is currently working from her home.

    Her Blog www.mimfreedom.com/blog

    Her home page: www.mimfreedom.com/aboutus.htm

    Her Pet Blog www.happypetstop.com/blog

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  • Weight Loss 28.02.2011 Comments Off on High Antioxidant Weight Loss Possible With New Meal Replacement Shake

    Those of you who have known me for many years, know that I have been struggling with my weight pretty much my whole life. So when I found a high antioxidant wellness plan that had a doctor supervised study that showed everyone lost weight, I figured I should try it. And, what do you know, it is working! For now I am having a shake in the morning and a careful lunch and dinner and snacks whenever I get too hungry. I also can have healthy chocolate whenever I want which really makes it easy. I am hoping to replace two meals down the road and speed up my weight loss but for now I am very happy. At my four week weigh in, I had lost 13 pounds. I figure it took years to put all this weight on and it can take a little time to get it back off.

    I am hoping I won’t have as many fibromyalgia flare-ups so I can exercise more but I can’t seem to plan that. So I work with what I have. The fact that I take so many prescription medications made me feel like I would not be able to lose any weight. But, even with all of that, I am still losing weight. So slow and steady I go on my way to my 100 pound weight loss goal. Only 87 pounds to go!

    For those of you wondering what shake I am talking about, this is what I am doing. I will even give you my secret recipe!

    I started with a bag of the Xocai-proteinmeal replacement shakes. Each bag makes 28 shakes and will last you 28 meals. Since I am having one shake a day, it is lasting me 4 weeks.

    Plus I started with a box of the Xocai Power Squares. This is healthy chocolate that has 33 calories each with no processed sugars, waxes, fillers or caffeine. Little bits of heaven. You get 144 pieces in a box so if you have 3 a day, that will last you for 1 1/2 months.

    You can buy these products retail, but even if you have no desire to get involved in the business side of things, signing up as an associate is the best way to go. To be an associate you just pay a $39 fee similar to a Sams or Costco to purchase wholesale. This also gives you a website and a back office to order and keep track of everything. Then simply order 2 products like the Protein meal shakes

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    • Weight Loss 28.02.2011 Comments Off on Weight Loss Motivation – How To Find It and Keep It!

      Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that the really big issue is motivation – where do we find it, how do we keep it going, and what do we do when it slips!

      To be successful at losing weight you must find your own motivation. More importantly, you must keep motivated, even when times get tough! Read through the tips and tricks and other resources below to help you find and maintain your motivation.

      * Set your goals and work out a realistic timescale for achieving them. Commit to them 100%.

      * Put it in writing! Scribble down in as much detail as possible why you need to lose weight, how much you are going to lose, when and how. The more you commit to paper the better. Carry a notebook around with you and use it to record thoughts and ideas, recipes, quotes – whatever will inspire you and keep you going.

      * Tell a friend or member of the family and ask them to help you stick with your plan.

      * Remember that you are losing weight and improving your health “one day at a time”. You can stick at anything for one day!

      * Don’t dwell on the junk that you are taking out of your diet. Instead, celebrate the healthy foods that you are putting in.

      * Make bullet points of your main motivational issues and write them on a stack of cards. Display the cards where you will see them regularly – on your bathroom mirror, in your purse, in your car.

      * Create a “mantra” to repeat to yourself when times get hard. For example, “Every day I am improving my health, my looks and my well-being. I am getting stronger in every way.”

      * Consider asking for sponsorship from friends and family for a good cause. Perhaps you can raise money for starving children while you get your own eating under control?

      * Start a file or scrapbook of articles, recipes and any other interesting titbits you read.

      * Start another file of fashion and wardrobe ideas. Plan what you will need to buy when you shrink a size or two!

      * Buy a piggybank and fill it up with a particular sum for every pound you lose. You can use it towards your new outfits!

      * Find someone to share the experience with, and laugh your way through the tough times.

      * Learn from other successful slimmers. Read other people’s stories, join a club, find a chat room, or start your own email group.

      * Motivate yourself with our collection of weight loss quotes, available free to subscribers to the weekly Losing It My Way ezine.

      -By: Lindsay Small

      Lindsay Small is the creator of Losing It My Way.com, which provides a wealth of information and resources (including an innovative range of free weight loss printables) designed to help you make your own weight loss decisions! For a new look at weight loss visit http://www.Losingitmyway.com

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    • Mini Workouts 28.02.2011 Comments Off on *Can be performed in the aerobics room at your gym*

      Fighters are the best conditioned athletes in the world – and they have to be! The nature of their sport offers no forgiveness. If they fatigue, they get knocked out. If they don’t get knocked out, they may end up with a broken limb. Both options aren’t very appealing so you can bet that the MMA workouts these guys go through are as intense as it gets.

      So how do you go about training for such a demanding sport? Well, first things first – you need to analyze the demands. Fighting occurs at a high intensity – or at least it should. Of course, every now and then you get a “snooze fest” where the fighters are timid to engage. A high intensity sport requires high intensity training. You need to increase your lactate threshold because if you’re unable to deal with the accumulation of lactic acid – you’ll likely end up puking in your spit bucket between rounds.

      Interval training is a must for your MMA workouts because that’s exactly what the rounds are – high intensity intervals. Of course, well structured MMA workouts should include pretty much everything. You need to work on flexibility, increasing your lactate threshold, increasing your aerobic capacity, increasing your strength, your power and your strength endurance (all different). You have to work on your speed and of course, your MMA workouts also have to include the technique work and the “in the trenches” sparring and grappling against resisting opponents.

      There’s a lot that needs to be considered when it comes to designing MMA workouts and it goes well beyond the scope of a single article. However, that being said, here’s one of my MMA workouts that I was doing in order to prepare myself before coming to Thailand.

      Sample MMA Workouts – Workout #1 – Intermediate Circuit

      *Can be performed in the aerobics room at your gym*

      1. Skipping (medium-to-fast pace) for 2 minutes.

      2. Box Jumps (5 boxes) for 2 minutes (lateral movement)

      3. “Burpies” for 25 repetitions

      Rest for 1 minute

      4. Sprints (wall-to-wall) for 2 minutes

      5. Shadow boxing for 2 minutes

      6. push up plyometrics onto aerobic steps

      Rest for 1 minute

      7. Jumping lunges (30 repetitions)

      8. Medicine ball rotary tosses (done with partner)

      9. Hammer slams. Usually done with a sledgehammer and a tire but you substitute for a small barbell a pile of mats.

      -By: Bill Forestell

      That’s based round a 3 round fight. Obviously, the MMA workouts required for a 5-rounder would be longer. As mentioned above, when it comes to fighting, you absolutely have to be prepared and in order to prepare yourself, you can’t neglect a single fitness component.

      For more MMA workouts, check out FightPassport.com as it’s quickly becoming the internet’s top fitness resource for fighters of all diciplines. You’ll also find all sorts of fight breakdowns, fighter profiles, and our most popular section – Muay Thai training journals. Check it out!

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